..A Knotted Mess..

24 January 2010

My adventures in knitting aren’t going fast sadly. I made my first bootie and that was pretty quick. Unfortunately making the second one has been horrible. I had to frog three times already due to my lack of concentration and inability to remember where I left off. Then I got to frog another time because Monkey pulled it down from the entertainment center leaving it on the floor when I was cooking dinner. That’s when The Princess found her love of yarn and frogged half my work.

Finally finished the other bootie; sadly it turned out a whole lot better than the first attempt. So I started on a third attempt. Wish I could say the third attempt is going smoothly. I can’t keep track of which row I’m on with all the kids home and being loud. It’s like a freeway during rush traffic with them around. It’s moments like this that I truly do miss living in base housing. When we lived in San Diego in base housing the kids used to be happy there. We love living out here in the country. It’s what we have wanted but I think I was disillusioned at what we were giving up moving out here. It hurts to see the kids lonely with not many friends. During our time in housing, I lost count of how many kids would run through the house, how often the door bell would ring. Here however it’s so quiet it’s deafening.

Back to the topic at hand; my knitting is not getting as far as I’d like it to. I’m not giving up just frustrated at the lack of time I get to do it. I have learned another trick in this adventure; it is not a craft that I can just do for 5 minutes here or a couple minutes there. I have to set time aside to do it that allows for me to concentrate. Otherwise I end up with a huge mess causing me to frog again.

A couple weeks ago I took my gift card for Jo-Ann’s and got myself some bamboo double pointed needles. I am surprised to say I really like these better then the metal ones I received for Christmas from the kids. They are pretty expensive but worth it. I will try to pick a size up here and there when I go into town, hopefully when Monkey has had a nap. The last time we went, I was the poster child for mom’s who have no control over their child. It was so incredibly embarrassing. I don’t know what possessed me to think he would be able to handle 2 hours at the library and then an hour wandering around a store heading into lunch/nap time. I just wonder where my head is some days.

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