Yes FlyLady I have Drop Zones

02 February 2010

I don't do Fly Lady very much because really she kills my inbox, but one thing I have learned from her is that I have 4 drop zones in my house at any given moment. Most of the time all 4 are past the point of danger zone and require hazard pay to approach. I hate dealing with drop zones. I’m far from an organized person, that’s actually one of the characteristics I wish I had. Until the heavenly cleaning fairies sprinkle me with fairy dust, I will trudge through a drop zone on my own. Here it is; my entertainment center. This is my pride and joy and yet it always looks like the house threw up on it. While the Princess is sleeping I will attack it and hopefully make some kind of dent.

Okay I am getting off my kiester and attacking it while shamelessly enjoying trash tv: Frank the Entertainer.

P.S. Dear Army it would be REALLY nice if you would hurry up give out orders. Waiting and waiting and waiting is not my strong suit, especially when I am trying to work out a deal with the ex-husband that would keep us out of court thus allowing us to move sooner rather then later. PLEASE?! I won't even complain anymore about the fact that you screwed up our pay on the 15th and haven't fixed it yet if you give him his orders like yesterday.

7 Voices:

Ms. Diva said...

Sometimes it feels like my whole house is a drop zone!!

The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

I hear you! It seems as if I am always pickin gup and putting away, picking up and putting away... it never ends!!

Following you from MBC :-)

Sarah Ruth said...

Don't you just love the hurry up & wait the Army puts us through! Hope they come through quickly!!

"And so our stories go..." said...

Waiting is not my strong point either. If I have to move I want to know NOW.
Love your blog.

BrEZe said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BrEZe said...

thanks for commenting on my blog.. it's nice to know others can share in the embarrassment :) and your blog is great! i am now a follower.. i LOVE the FlyLady website, but don't get emails for the same reason.. :)

Chelle said...

Wow I didn't know Fly Lady put her stuff on the internet now! That is awesome. I quit doing her because of how many emails were sent out, it drove me bonkers.


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