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20 April 2010

Today started out with potential and it quickly started slipping down towards unproductive and useless. The whole chicken was used to as a puppet to chase kids out of bed and out the door for school before being thrown into the crockpot for dinner. Yes yes I know you shouldn't play with your food but it's fun, what can I say.

I cooked Dirt Diver, Monkey, and Princess breakfast between PT and work. Then the day started to slip away into the vast world of nothingness. I have been sitting on the floor in our bedroom for 2 4 hours now searching for a product key for the desktop. I couldn't get the virus off it so I had this genius idea to reformat and reinstall the OS. Only problem I can't find the stupid product key. GAAH so instead of accepting defeat and focusing on finishing unpacking and laundry I have been desperately searching for codes. To which I can't find a single stupid code to save my life.

Dirt Diver called a little bit ago with bad news. He can't get LASIK. We've been trying to get it done on him for the past 5 years in the Navy and the Army said no. His cornea is too thin. The disappointment in his voice just broke my heart. There's nothing I can do to fix it for him no matter how much I want to. Nothing I can say will make it better either. This isn't a broken axle, video game controller, computer, or lack of money. As much as I like to think I can triumph our LORD at times, this is one that I have to step back and admit defeat. Unfortunately Dirt Diver doesn't have the solid relationship with him as I wish he did so it will take him a lot longer before he comes to terms with this news.

The one thing that has put and kept a smile on my face is that since we got our FL's hooked up last week Princess has been fully 100% back in cloth diapers. I almost forgot how much I love her big fluffy butt. When I put her BSRB on her yesterday I about cried. I swear she was a lot smaller when I packed them up on March 23rd. I originally had planned on keeping her fluffy butt during the move but then the idea of having to wash my beloved diapers in the laundry mat made me cringe. I tried to do that once when we first moved to Oregon last year and it was HORRIBLE. I spent almost $8 on just 1 load of dipes because I couldn't figure out how much detergent to put in and oh man the bubbles that kept showing up in the water. Would have been funny if not for the cost. I would LOVE to buy some more but it'll have to wait a little bit longer then I was hoping. I've been doing some thinking and I really want to convert all our dipes to Prefolds, Scuttlebutts, and BSRB. Of course I want more wool. Although if I could buckle down and learn to knit better I could just start knitting her own woolies. Oh the woolie love I have is just so much. I swear I could sleep with them all snuggled up against me at night.

I did see where a fellow military wife and blogger is hosting a month of cloth diaper giveaways! Go check out Exploits of a Military Mama and enter.

See ladies I have issues upon issues. I want to sleep with my daughter's diapers and wool. It's going to be a long day!

2 Voices:

Mrs. Trophy Wife said...

Whoo thanks for mentioning me!

Also, I feel your LASIK pain. DH is having the same issue. It's hard. I hate it.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I love the days that have potential then slip downhill. Ha! If only. I feel so useless on those days. At least you have an excuse like kids, just moving... I've got nothin'

♥ Mrs. S.


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