One foot hop alongs need shoes too.

06 April 2010

The speed limit on this post is 35. It's strictly enforced. With that this morning my knuckles were white as I sat in traffic trying to get to the Peds Clinic. At one point 'Tater even commented that it is okay to release my gripe. Seriously who can go 35 without wanting to punch the gas peddle? A snail in molasses could jog faster then I was going.

Falling back into a schedule with Dirt Diver and the kids is trying my patience today. Spent today running around between schools, a pediatric appointment, and the house. Little things have just grated me like a cheese grater on my butt. Like the kids HAVE to have see through/mesh backpacks. Hmm I just bought the kids expensive backpacks in December. The peds clinic won't request transfer of medical records, I have to go to another department but they were closed today. Princess got 4 shots today that I could have SWORN she got in January/February but the faxed immunization card that was received doesn't show them. My fault for loosing her card, but I am almost positive she got them all. The promise of washing dishes and cleaning the sink for me but only for them to still be sitting there when I got back from running around. I had to put myself in time out after buying a gallon of milk and having a heart attack over the $3.69 price tag to it. At that price by the end of year I'm sure I could have bought my own cow and kept her out back. I wonder how housing would feel if I were to keep a cow as a pet to provide milk? Pretty sure they would not find the humor or necessity of it.

If one more kid whines or cries about not being able to find a flip flop, the next place they'll find it is after a surgeon removes it. Yes I just threatened to shove shoes were the sun doesn't shine. But in my defense, how hard is it to put your flip flops in the shoe bucket by the front door? Am I truly asking too much of these kids? I mean I get if I was asking them to crack the code to a Russian time capsule or figure out how to end the civil war in the Congo.

Enough with today's gripes because it is so incredibly beautiful outside today. The sun is shinning, there's a light breeze, and it's just absolutely beautiful. I'm going to hopefully take the kids to the park to burn some energy but that's dependent on whether or not these kids find their flip flops and I haven't committed myself to the looney bin.

It will be another week before we find out anything regarding permanent housing. The lady that would be assigning us quarters is on vacation this week. I don't mind waiting but I'm just really impatient and want all my stuff. I miss my spices, big jug of oil, my metal kitchen tongs. I mean who in their right mind gets teary eyed over not having their metal tongs when frying up tortillas? I felt like such a goober over it last night.

When things weigh heavy on your mind and heart, it's definitely difficult to find the positives but I'm trying my hardest. Like when Princess scrunches her nose up and growls in mid-laughter. Or how Monkey gives random hugs and kisses, when asked why he says "Cause me loves yous". It's the small things that get overlooked sometimes when life is hectic but without the accumulation of them; there isn't enough to push you through the hard times.

And with that my friends I do believe all 4 kids have finally found their shoes and are ready to go. WOOHOO!

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Jessica said...

I hope you get offered permanent housing soon. We never had to live in TLF, which I was thankful for. But the wait would be worth it if you find a place worth staying in the whole time. Our last duty station before DH got out had me moving twice while he was in Korea...once from off base, once from the two bedroom we were first offered to a 3 bedroom.

Why the mesh bags?

allissa said...

I just have to tell you, your posts never fail to make me laugh. I burst out laughing today reading this in class, just in the first 3 sentences!

On another note, I hope things settle soon!

Julie the Army Wife said...

Wow your milk is so much more than it is down here. It is $2.00 a gallon which seemed amazing to me because in Germany you pay that much for a half-gallon.

I hope you guys can find a place sooner rather than later.

日月神教-任我行 said...



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