The life preserver has deflated upon the mountains of laundry

06 May 2010

If anyone is following me from the Blog Hop last week and notices that I am not following them, PLEASE let me know For the first time in a week I get to stay home, completely! Normally I wish I had things to do to get me out of the house, but trying to share one vehicle with Dirt Diver is a pain in the ass. It seemed like every time I started to make headway in my goals, it was time to pick him up for lunch or the end of the day. Whatever happened to the good old days where they brown bagged it? Add in the fact that his boxer briefs turn into a too tight thong when he has to wait in the sun for me to pick him up.

Took the truck in yesterday to get fixed and now I want to cry a little. Our truck has always had this mean bully growl sound when you stepped on the gas. It always sounded like it was going to devour cars in our way. Unfortunately one of the dual exhaust and muffler had rusted through. I had to get it fixed. Little did I know that if I wanted the growl again I would have had to pay an extra $250 on top of the already $300 plus. So I was a cheapskate and now my truck sounds like a wimp. I feel so bad, like I had taken it’s manhood. The whole drive back to post I kept shaking my head mumbling under my breath, I feel so bad like I killed him. *sniff*

Tuesday, when running errands with Dirt Diver on his lunch we stopped at the furniture exchange just to kill time. That quick 15 minute walk through turned into a mission that lasted until 2100 when we finally walked through the door completely and utterly exhausted. However we are the proud owners of a new couch that is completely paid off. Unfortunately it will be about a week till we get to have it since one of the couches is on back order. We have had the crappiest couch for the last 5 years. It was a free one, is this nasty dingy white and green striped with holes. I have a maroon cover but with the kids it’s constantly falling off and it just nasty. I’ve been asking and begging for a new one and honestly never thought I would get one. The best part of it all was that Dirt Diver has absolutely NO sense of staying within budget. I mean I can literally throw myself on the floor crying and begging not to over spend and he will still do it because he likes to shop. Didn’t happen this time though, I almost keeled over and died right there.

Has anyone seen the new Kentucky Fried Chicken's “sandwich” they have out now?

We got it yesterday and let me just say a MAJOR disappointment. First off the breading, ever since they changed the way they do the breading nothing is right there. It was soggy, not an ounce of crispiness whatsoever. Almost no sauce, leaving it dry in my mouth, was difficult to eat while driving. The bacon was soggy and the cheese wasn’t melted. I absolutely CAN’T stand it when I get anything hot and the slice of cheese is cold just sitting there. Over all I won’t be spending $7.50 on this meal again. After ordering 2 yesterday, one for me and one for Dirt Diver, I was upset at wasting $15 on mediocre food.

Now I MUST go work on laundry. After spending 3 days running around this week, I am drowning in dirty clothes littering the floors and clean clothes suffocating my bed. I guess I should be nice and not make the kids have to Febreeze their clothes for school tomorrow. (not that I would EVER do nor promote this behavior)

4 Voices:

Jordan Streetman said...

haha I'm glad to know someone tried it, I have been wondering how those KFC things tasted, but I feel like it's a artery clogger waiting to happen. lol.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Okay we saw that double down and both just laughed. I'm glad now I know it is ridiculous. I laughed at the stealing your trucks manhood. Poor baby (the truck). Yay for new couches and all the fabulousness that entails!

♥ Mrs. S.

CaneWife said...

I read that and thought "OMG! She neutered the truck!"

Sorry you're stuck at home. That's hard.

And the Double Down? I just don't get it. I can't really eat KFC anyway, but I haven't heard positive things about that.

Lucky Dimes and Dog Tags said...

I found you on the blog hop. New to blogging but feel free to follow if you like. Army wife here who lives in Maine while waiting for my husband to get orders out of Alaska. Should be by end of summer! Can't wait.

I enjoy your rants, reviews and sense of humor! :)



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