A little bah humbug isn't all bad

20 December 2010

Growing up I went from being in love with Christmas to hating it back to loving it. But there will always be reasons that drive me bonkers about this fabulous season of joy.

10. Christmas Carols
Why must people feel the need to play or sing them whenever they choose? I mean really what’s the point of singing them. Do you really need to sing “Hark the Harold Angles” while mowing your yard in the middle of summer? Maybe it makes them feel cooler as if a winter storm is happening?

9. Jumping the Gun

Holiday specific items being put out on the shelves while the preceding holiday has yet to come or is coming around the corner. I know I’m not the only one who is so frustrated with retail putting Christmas out before Halloween has even come and gone. Stop rushing the holiday and reminding families of how much money is going to be forked out on presents while the true meaning of the holiday is being lost in the mix of the contagious “Gimmeitits”.

8. The mad house of increased traffic on the roads

No matter where you live how busy it is normally, when Christmas shopping starts, ALL the crazies hit the road and clog up the roadways.

7. Wrapping presents

There are some out there who just LOVE to wrap presents, it’s a form of art for them, I however am not one of them. I prefer to wrap in packing tape and duct tape. I do not stress over gaps in paper of the direction of the wrapping paper is going and ITRULY could careless about ribbons and bows.

6. Hiding presents

Every year I have to go through the hassle of scooping out the house to find the perfect hiding spot. It’s time consuming ESPECIALLY when the kids still find them and then I have to find another spot. One year I tried using a storage closet with a lock and key, unfortunately our heathens figured it out, stole the key and in the middle of the night went creeping. Needless to say they almost got attacked with a baseball bat because I thought we were being robbed by smelly nasty robbers.

5. Tree's lifespan

After hours and hours of numerous family squabbles of picking out the PERFECT try to bring it home, cut the trunk some more, more arguing over centering it, taking the time to string lights and dress it up with ornaments with a TON of TLC and praise does the tree DIE ALWAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! And in the process I spend my time sweeping up its’ remnants that have been left and dragged all over the house.

4. The cheeriness that goes around and is expected to be contagious

There are times when I want to be a huge Scrooge, I want to frown, I want to complain, and I don’t want to spend money. Sadly every time I want to I come across someone who has a smile super glued to their face, they’re oozing happiness and then look at you awestruck when you don’t return the sugary fake happy smile dripping with insincere Merry Christmas wishes.

3. Putting Christmas stuff back

Like with anything we get excited for the trip but never coming back to reality it’s the same with decorating for the holidays. I hate wait no LOATHE wrapping up the ornaments one by one, wrapping the Christmas lights up so they won’t be a huge ball of tangleness. I hate how bare the house looks after the stuff is put away. And my biggest reason for adding this to my list is I ALWAYS acquire more holiday garb and of course I don’t have room for it so I have to acquire yet another Rubbermaid bin; just another item to spend money on.

2. Toy commercials

They play nonstop during the year but yet the kids never seem to notice them until the holidays or birthdays are a coming. The constant barrage of hearing “I NEED that or I NEED this”. Really? You “NEED” the shocking laser tag Nerf set or you NEED jeans from American Eagle and American Eagle only. Or you HAVE to HAVE the new Handy Manny toy otherwise your life isn’t complete and you’ll die the minute you find out it’s not under the tree.

1. All the yummie food you want to eat

No matter how much you proclaim that you are NOT going to over do it with the wonderful yummieness of the holidays you can’t help it and next thing you know you can’t button your pants. Add in the fact that you become a slave to the kitchen baking different goodies to please all those in the family plus all the cravings that have been pushed to the back burner throughout the year.

Don’t get me wrong I finally have hit a point in my life where I adore the holidays BUT there are still the times where I just want to clench my teeth and groan.

What kind of things do you dislike about Christmas Time?

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