Oh Sunday's how I am enjoying you again

23 January 2011

I am finally starting to enjoy my Sundays.

We're getting into a Church routine, thankfully we've found one that for the most part we enjoy, although there are still a few things that we wish we could change to make it our perfect place.

But that won't happen so instead of focusing on what we don't have, we focus on that we have a place to call our home while here in Kentucky.

After Church we usually go for a drive, which has been especially nice with the snow on the ground.

That's always followed by coming home to a movie and then I move from the couch to the dinning room for a night of work while Dirt Diver makes dinner.

I'm surprise sometimes how much we've created our little groove and it's only been 5 weeks.

If you haven't already, don't forget to enter into the  Chili's "Shout Out To Eat Out Take 2 Get 2" it ends tomorrow night! 

Also RelaxZen Shots ending on 1/29!

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