Talking with Dirt Diver always leaves me more confused then before

25 January 2011

Sometimes I just want to strangle Dirt Diver. I can't tell if he is playing or if he truly lacks the brain capacity to actually retain anything that he has done or even said to him, especially coming from me.

Last night while I'm sitting plugging away with work, he's behind me working on his WO package. He gets to the history part and starts asking me where we've lived. I gave him the run down. 


I ask him if he got that to which he responds that he didn't. I tell him again. He then has the nerve to say I'm lying. Like I just made it up that we lived in Chula Vista for 6 months while we were waiting to move to Aero Ridge housing. I ask him well where DID we live if we didn't live there. He couldn't answer. After telling him he needs to start taking notes on life and keeping them; he has the audacity to suggest that we ('Tater, Lil t', my preggo self, and him) lived on the ship. THE FLIPPIN USS COMSTOCK! Upon asking him if he was serious in what just fell out of his mouth he had the nerve to say "Well yeah where else would we have lived?"

Maybe I'm loosing my mind but the last time I checked the US Navy did not allow for a family to reside on a ship.

After bantering back and forth for an hour, he says "hey I think I remember we lived in the townhouses in Lofgren." To which I just rolled my eyes and said "yes that WAS IN CHULA VISTA".

The end result of this frustrating conversation...

"Oh well how was I to know they were the same spot?"

Writing this I am still scratching my head trying to understand his logic. I just don't get how he can literally forget anything and everything. Doesn't matter if it's written down, he'll loose the paper. Doesn't matter if you say it. he'll forget. I have even tried writing in sharpie on his hand. Wouldn't ya know that was the hand he used to hold the phone to talk to his mom while shopping at the commissary and didn't buy trash bags or dog food like I had written.

I love the man but it's almost like he needs a personal assistant to follow behind him telling him things repepately so he won't forget.

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