Losing weight doesn't just happen overnight

08 February 2011

I am still on the Biggest loser kick but unfortunately I must confess my failures.

I was doing extremely well. Had lost 7 pounds, was feeling great, and had a workout routine going on. And then it all came to a crashing halt when the kids got sick. Being up for almost 36 hours straight with no sleep took a toll on me making the idea of working out to be an absolute miserable experience.

That one simple moment turned into 4 days of laying on the couch with the kids being lazy. I finally said to hell with this, jump up and started working out again last week. Only to be taken to Applebee’s and loose all self control I thought I had. I devoured an appetizer and those so incredibly yummie roast beef sliders.

Even when Dirt Diver AND my stomach both said “STOP!” I couldn’t do it. It was so good and I swear the sliders melted in my mouth.

Sadly not even 20 minutes later I felt so incredibly guilty for pigging out. Did good for 2 days and then fell off the wagon again. Between Princess’s birthday party and our impromptu road trip to Fort Campbell for a park I consumed more then 3400 calories and 210 grams of fat.

(Isn't that the most loveliest place to lay eyes on besides Hooters? *drools*)


I did get to eat a Ultimate Bacon Cheeseburger from Jack in the Box. Hadn’t been to a JIB in over 2 years. And man was that burger just as good as I remember it being.  But now I’m paying for it.

I feel like I’m back at square one again. Starting fresh.  While I keep getting down on myself for slipping, I have to keep reminding myself to not give up. To continue to keep up with my working out. If I slip and fall; don’t stay down for so long. Instead jump back into it and keep on going.

I really need to learn to get over my love for sweets but it’s just so incredibly hard still.

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