More Adventures in Potty Training

14 March 2011

After months of stressing over it, I think it’s safe to say that Piggies has finally gotten the hang of potty training. It wasn’t even as close to as bad as it was when Monkey started. 

(And before I forget Princess has now been dubbed Piggies around the house since in order for her to not be sporting an afro, I HAVE to put her in pig tails. Hence the nickname Piggies)

I mean there is still progress to be made like sleeping the night without a diaper/pull-up.

But we are getting there!

The first month was a huge hit and miss mess. I have to admit for once in my life I was so incredibly grateful for having hardwood floors quickly.

Second month we just stopped trying because she made it VERY clear she wanted nothing to do with it. And I absolutely REFUSE to push any child into potty training when they are adamant about not wanting to try it.

Then the past month and a half she has been doing absolutely amazing. Well when we are home that is. When she was really sick I truly wished she would give up and let me diaper her tush up but even sick as a dog she refused and would run to the bathroom every other second of her day. 

She CAN make it through nap time without a pull-up so that's another positive step. 

Here's couple things I’ve learned with her on this adventure:

-          Never EVER be embarrassed to bring her potty chair with you. Always throw it in the back of the truck. Ya just never know when you're going to need it, like on the side of the road on the highway.

-          Don’t worry about anyone being in your way when you have to pick her up, cradling her like a football as you run through a crowded Walmart/Commissary knocking over people to get her to the bathroom in time.

-          When you can’t find those favorite jeans for her to wear and realize they are in the diaper bag make sure to toss an EXTRA set in the bag so she doesn’t have to bowl naked.

-          Do not trust your 4 yr old to bring the 2 yr old toilet paper because they WILL clog your toilet

-          Do not teach your child to help carry the pee to the toilet because they WILL get over excited thinking they are a big kid, pick up the little pee holder and without meaning to, swing it around to show you covering you, the dog, and your flat screen in yupp you guessed it... PEE!

Those are really just a couple of helpful hints that I’ve picked up and they seem to be helping as we make progress on this journey.

What are some of your less then glorious lessons learned during this adventure?

3 Voices:

Sara said...

Thanks for the tips!!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I dread the day we potty train our own.

Maranda said...

Hahahahaha!!! Oh no!!! Pee everywhere!!! It wasn't too bad for us...though we did take her potty chair with us on occasion.


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