Wordless Wednesday: Breakfast

25 January 2012

New favorite breakfast:
Bananas, Honey, Cheerios, & Milk

Changes are not bad at all

23 January 2012

My oh My it's been a REALLY long time since I've been here.

After Dirt Diver left for deployment life went to shit. No really. Bad decisions where made all around, he was life flighted back home after being gone for only 2 months, we spent months in and out of doctor's offices while he was being tested on left and right.

8 MRI's, numerous nerve testings, mixing & matching different drugs; I think we've finally found the root of the issues. Months of epidurals, steroids, and nerve freezing, he's finally moving without crippling in pain. It's almost like I've got the man before the Army back again.

Counseling, rebuilding our faith in God, and making a family contract that included a whole new level of expectations from everyone including the kids where included.

A lot of tears, struggles, inner reflections, and reading The Five Love Languages together at night allowed for communication to finally get to where it should have been a LONG time ago.

Looking back though, I really don't think I would change it all. Because the downs is what shapes us. No one is perfect. But I guess it comes down to actually making the conscious decision to change or allowing yourself to stay in the rut that you are in and accepting the shittiness of who you have become?

And the biggest change of all is the Hooha Family is expecting again this summer.

Menu Plan Monday

13 June 2011

I've been off the wagon for the past month, AGAIN.

You'd think with all this on and off again cycle I've been on with working out I'd just give it up all together.

Unfortunately I've just gotten tired of being jiggly again. Dirt Diver's working out and plans to keep it up while he's gone so he's back to his ideal body image. Figured it's time to buckle down. I don't have him around tempting me with eating out. Plus I can make the kids whatever they want and make myself simpler things without getting the “this house isn't a short ordered kitchen”.  *Rolleyes* (read more)

Beauty regimen that I can do with out

09 June 2011

Why must Piggies like putting things in her hair?

Don't mean hair gel or even bows.

No that would be TOO simple right?

Instead she has an OBSESSION with putting hand soap on her hair. (read more)

Wordless Wednesday: Goodbye

08 June 2011

I had planned on using some different pics but I just realized they are Dirt Diver's memory card.
So here's some of my favorite shots 

 (read more)


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