Day 16 – You Must Be a Military Spouse at Christmas time if you…

16 December 2009

Dec. 16 – You Must Be a Military Spouse at Christmas time if you…

Accept that your time is not always yours and trying to get used to spending the holidays alone.
Oh geesh, I have to say we have been very lucky with the Navy when it comes to holidays. The Man has never been deployed during them so far, but we haven’t spent a full holiday together since 2005. When he was active in the Navy he was a MA and always had work Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. During those years he was working 12 hour graveyards but we all know how that works, 12’s turn to 18’s because someone doesn’t show up or because someone else miscounted the ammo or lost their common sense by taking a weapon home. Anyways Christmas morning was always spent with him waking us up as he walked through the door, a quick gift unwrap and then off he trudged to bed to sleep the day away before waking up a little early to scarf some Christmas Dinner down and heading off to work.

Last year takes the cake though. The Man begged and pleaded to take 2 weeks off so we could head to Oregon for Christmas. We had it all planned. We spent extra money to get the truck fixed to make the drive. His family all took time off of work for when we were there. I was babysitting at the time and took those 2 weeks off of work. The kids were given a choice; stay in San Diego and get presents or make the trip to Oregon to see family and that was our present to them. They choose Oregon without a second thought. I argued with the ex-husband to let Lil t’ come to Oregon with us. It was set. And then it happened. Three, count them 1…2…3.., days before The Man was to check out on leave his MA1 told him they “forgot” to turn in his leave chit. Let’s not forget the chit was turned in to MA1 TWO months prior. Let’s not forget that The Man asked numerous times about it, was told it was taken care of, and he was good to go. When he called that night to tell me the tone in voice told me his spirit was broken. He was crushed. I had to tell the kids. They cried. ‘Tater didn’t talk to me for 2 days. Everyone’s spirit was broken. We made due with it but with not going to Oregon and The Man working his graveyard, it was just another reminder that we don’t have control the Navy does.

This year I am grateful. The Man is coming home for Christmas Exodus thanks to the Army. This year will be spent from sun up to sun down as a whole on Christmas. I am looking forward to starting a new tradition I used to do during my first marriage next year when we are at a duty station, by adopting Soldiers who can’t go home for the holidays. I always wanted to when we were in San Diego; but with the anger and dysfunction that flowed through our old Command it was just too hard.

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3 Voices:

Kathryn said...

"Oh wow that box is absolutely beautiful. I am going to have to bookmark that site to get it for my oldest, her name is Anastasia's nickname. What a beautiful memory to be able to pass down."

Thanks for commenting yesterday! That is exactly why I posted the link it really is such a gorgeous box, it would make a wonderful present for someone else!

Great post today!! :)

Jessica said...

what a bummer about your past Christmas. Glad it will work out to be together all day this year =)

Julie said...

That is so nice you get to spend this Christmas together :)

Happy New Year!


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