Dec. 15 – The Best Christmas Present I Ever Received

15 December 2009

The Best Christmas Present I Ever Received

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I really wish I had the pics of me opening the present but sadly my computer and my external both crashed with 5 yrs worth of pictures on it. **sigh**

Thirty years of presents and I have to pick the “best”, my Kitchen Aid mixer without a thought. For years during my first marriage and through my current I wanted one so bad. I would stand in the stores drooling over them. Running my hands over the smoothness and coolness of the metal, I would literally tear up in the store as I would walk away some days because of badly I wanted one. It was an “elite” item that I feared I would never have the pleasure of owning. The Man would always tell me it was too much, wasn’t worth it, didn’t need it.

Christmas 2007 was an important Christmas for us, we had just moved back in together after living apart for almost 6 months. There was still a lot of emotions raw between us but we had made the choice to not give up on ourselves or our marriage. I had a lot of forgiving to do but was determined to get there. I think for the first time in 5 years together he actually blew me away with the Kitchen Aid. I truly didn’t expect anything special. Christmas morning came and I was struggling like I do every Christmas on my feelings along with trying not to be snippy at The Man for his never ending eagerness to wake everyone up at o’dark thirty. The kids had opened their presents first like usual and there was still a huge box with silver paper on it. All morning I had been asking who’s it was and everyone would just say hold your horses. And then the box was brought to me. I was taken back by how big the box was and it was heavy. Ripped the paper off like a little kid only to be greeted by the ever famous words in red; KITCHEN AID. I about died with excitement.

While it is just an object, a hunk of metal that twirls, it means more to me then that. The way the beater twirls ingredients together. Individually most ingredients aren't very tasty but when combined with others they create such a beautiful tasty treat; just like ourselves. Our lives are just like that. Mixing different parts; the good and the ugly, of our lives together to create the person we are today.

For now nothing has beat that present but I’m not even waiting it out either. I enjoy and cherish all my presents that are given to me.

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6 Voices:

Jolene said...

Oh I love my Kitchen Aid that I received as a gift too! Your post made me tear up!

Sara Horn said...

What a great post, Chelle! I loved how you related that mixer to life in general at the end. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year!

Jessica said...

Oh I just love my mixer too!
Great post, thanks for sharing!

steph said...

I'm still longing for the red one....ahhh...someday;-) Loved your post!

Kathryn said...

Awww what a great story!! That is one nice blender!!

Anonymous said...

I am waiting on mine, do you have the attachments? I can't decide if I am going to want to pull it out every time I make cookies or if I want to get a hand mixer. . . what do you do?


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