The day in review

07 December 2009

Today started out with great promise. Got the kitchen clean and clutterfree. Island counter clean as well. Floor completely swept and free of stray eggs from the Princess. Table clean and set. Moved to my bedroom and it fizzled out from there. Princess had to take a nap so there went my opportunity to work on the closet and put away all of her clothes from the last load of laundry. So I sat on the 'net playing RC on Facebook. Then I got a wild hair thinking I can bluetooth my Dell with The Man's HP. Powered up my Dell with the last bit of juice left in it and couldn't get it to work, so it died. I have to find someone in Eugene that can fix it soon. I miss my Dell's keyboard and mouse pad vs. The Man's HP. Before I knew it someone hit fast forward and the older ones were bounding through the door yelling and complaining. When they get home that is the que that my day is over for any chance of getting anything done in peace.

Shepard's Pie was on the menu tongiht. Fit good too since it is COLD out. It's 30 out right now but by midnight will drop down to 20. I love this little town but wish it would get a little bit of snow. Won't happen though since we're right on the coast. A freeze watch is out till tomorrow morning.

I LOVE how it's freezing cold out, we're trying to stay warm in the house and what do the kids do when they go out to get the dog food? Leave the front door WIDE open. Never fails, and when I make a comment they always get that "What mom?" look.  Anyways I forgot to check what today's high was but tomorrow will be 40. Can't complain too much considering my friends are in AK right now. *snicker*

Saw this story today

How incredibly stupid can a person let alone 4 people be to think it is 1. acceptable 2. funny and 3. harmless to string a rope across a road with moving vehicles.

I have finally hit the point with the Princess where I can lay her down in her bed, say "love you baby night night", get a huge smile, and once the lights go out she sucks her thumb closing her eyes. I still can't get over the fact that she is going to be a year soon. So much has happened this year, good, bad, ugly and right back to good again.

In small town life, there is a rapist on the loose and a convicted sex offender being released into the community soon. When we lived in the big city stories like this made me stop and question but it was never near us so I put it out of my mind. But here it's a whole different story. You can't go anywhere without running into people who know of you or your family. It takes a total of 10 minutes to drive through town. It just makes me pay closer attention and to have to have the talk with the kids. Especially since we live in the boonies of the not so desireable side.

I'm spoting a couple of longies on Spot's. Hopefully they won't sell in the next couple of days.
- Ella Stripped Longies
- WWBN Fall Longies 

I keep trying to get some more BSRB for Princess but everytime I have money she's sold out and when I don't, she's stocked. Gotta love that rule, back to drooling over my favorite shops.

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