Finally legal to drive again

08 December 2009

I had put her in the jumper to go walk to the mail box since it was too cold to take her with me. **snicker**

There are only 2 major ticket items I want for Christmas. A new camera and a Reader/Kindle/NOOK/whatever.

My current camera I think has gone through enough hell and has finally decided that it will suck the life out of any and all batteries the moment they touch it. I can get maybe 3 pictures off a new set of batteries before the red light of death flashes and the camera turns off. Makes me sad because I doubt I will see a new one in a while. The Man has a small Nikon and it's so sweet. I'll just have to take advantage of it while he's home.

I hate books. I hate how they take up room on the shelves, the way the kids abuse them, and how much they cost at times. My solution, a digital reader. I've been eyeing these a lot lately and am so madly in love with them. All the books my heart can enjoy at the tip of my finger tips.

The Man and I haven't had much talking the last couple of days. They have been doing Field Exercises or something so his texts have been very sporatic. I can't believe he'll be home in less then 10 days. Still have to get the laundry under control and probably could have thrown a load in while I sit here with my feet up typing away.

Monkey is still asleep. Not surprised since at 0400 I woke up in a puddle. Stripped him, bed, and went back to bed. Then every 10 minutes afterwards he was up coughing and asking for water. We really could have floated away by how much water he took in. The alarm rang bright and clear this morning. Woke 'Tater and Lil t' for school so they don't miss the bus. Made some coffee with paper towels again. I think I'll venture in the cold today to get some cold medicine and filters. Might even take my MIL up on her offer to watch the kids this afternoon to go get my license. We'll see though. That scares the hell out of me. I can't take those stupid tests, always get a blank mind, sweaty palms and my heart pounds out of my chest. But I need a license for this state to register The Man's truck before he comes home.

Got my new license. That was a task in of itself. Trying to take a test while chasing Monkey and Princess crying. But I passed FINALLY. I just asked how much it would be to register the truck and next thing I knew I just paid $163 for 2 yrs of tags for it. Oh well it's registered. Between that and my license I just wrote off the hotel room I was going to get us this month. No biggie really. We'll just go on a regular date and call it a night.

In the midst of trying to call some creditors and going to the bathroom, Monkey has drawn on the Princess's face with a sharpie and has toliet papered the living room and hallway. Never a dull day.

Kinda had a mini freak out session on bills this afternoon but I think I got the budget figured out. Hopefully I do. We'll see on January 1st when it gets implimented.

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