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10 December 2009

Every time I blow my nose our dog Toby comes running over to me with his tail wagging. He’s such a strange guy. ‘Tater gets up, leaves about 5 min before she has to for the bus every morning. Lil t’ is the complete opposite. Each morning I have to argue and push him out the door. Each morning he is running down our property still trying to put his sweatshirt on, boots not laced, backpack not zipped up as the bus comes barreling up the dirt road. Every. Single. Morning. It gets OLD. I wake him even 15 min early but still no avail. The kid has absolutely no sense of time.

Have a WIC appointment this morning. Not sure what possessed me to make a 0830 time. It’s so early and cold outside. Must get up and get dressed but being snuggled under the blankets sounds like a better idea to me. I can’t find the kids shot records. No Bueno.

And now Lil t’ is complaining that we live in a state that doesn’t snow. I always thought that ‘Tater was going to be my run for the money as a kid, but as time goes by I think it’s Lil t’. He knows exactly what buttons to push, when to push and how to repeatedly push them. I need a poker face so he doesn’t see when he’s getting to that point with me.

That was an interesting WIC appointment/adventure. The people there are so incredibly weird. Princess weighed in at 16lbs and got the normal "lecture" about her age and weight. She's just a petite little girl, can't force a baby to eat when she doesn't want to.

Got fed up with Charter and took the leap. Called and ordered Dish Network. They will be out tomorrow morning to set it up. I’m kind of nervous about how it will work and installation and if I will like it. More importantly hoping this will cut down on our expenses and not cutting out all the time like Charter does.

And the attack on the sinuses have come back with reinforcements. I can breathe when I’m up moving but when I’m sitting I’m drowning.

Lil t’ LOVES to help shave Princess’s longies, makes me grateful because that is a tedious task that takes a lot of time sometimes. So far she’s got 3 pairs, 1 used on the way and 1 custom pair in the making. I can’t wait to see her customs.

Tomorrow will be exactly 7 days till The Man gets home, can’t believe we’ve gone the last 3 yrs without being apart for more than a couple days here and there. Even when we split apart we still saw each other every day or two.

Can’t believe it, the kids and I got the house picked up, living room vacuumed and spotless, only 3 loads of laundry left and it’s only 1730. Going to try and finish the babylegs since I’ve got time to kill.

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