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11 December 2009

When The Man stepped on the plane to leave for WTC he has done a 180 in his feelings, actions, words. While yes it’s sweet and exactly what I’ve always wanted, it’s also been kinda “weird”. He doesn’t hide his love for me anymore. The last 4 years have been spent with both of us guarding our feelings and never fully being honest with each other. We fell into an unhealthy trap and it’s been hard to move past it. Either we’re battling trust and honesty or depression and anxiety. To be on the same page is just not even short of amazing. Seven days till he comes home and I can’t wait.

Today’s agenda…
• Laundry, my room
• pick up mail from MIL’s house
• drop off his Dale Jr’s jacket
• grab some milk
• mail off Netflix

Dish should be installed sometime between 8-12 today, which will probably turn out to be around 2, companies never pinpoint their arrivals.

Had a really REALLY weird dream last night, I was chased into a house with some other people by skinhead vampires. I mean really skinhead vampires?! I really have an over active imagination sometimes. So I’m in the house, they corner us and start dousing the house in gasoline. We crawl to the roof to escape and zip line from the roof to the woods. And then we’re running on a busy street into traffic. It was SOOO weird. When the alarm went off I didn’t want to turn it off because 1. I was hiding and trying not to be found and 2. I didn’t want to wake so I could find out how the dream ended. Can vampires be skinheads? Or do they lose all sense of prejudice for the primal skill of taking over the world and trying to survive by other’s blood?

Found this adorable halter top set that I can’t wait for the Princess to get bigger and the weather to get warmer to get for her. She would look so incredibly cute in a set like this. I will definitely be getting a set like this made for her in a couple months for the summer.

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