Day 12: My Favorite Christmas Song

12 December 2009

I have never been one to really love Christmas. Well wait I did but for purely selfish reasons, presents and pressents only. As an only child I never had siblings nor any relatives my age to share the holidays with. Always just me. I was always jealous of friends who had peers to enjoy the time with. To say lonely is probably not even enough to cover the feelings of years of being "along". No one my age to laugh with, be jealous of their presents, play with. Because of my dislike of the holidays and due to my birthday being only 2 days after the fact I loathed Christmas Carols. I still am not a fan of them even though I sing them year round under my breathe doing chores, mainly because I can only remember lyrics to them and not other songs. Anyways Carol of the Bells was a song that justsoothed me. Whther it was the accompiment or the vocals it is a piece that brings a smile over my entire face, warms my heart, and actually puts me into the spirit.

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Kathryn said...

Love carol of the bells!! That is funny you posted Celtic Woman, I did too for my post only I posted O Holy Night! :)


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