First real crochet project

05 December 2009

Been working on this hat. I don't know who the person was that decided to make up these crochet instructions. They are so dang difficult to read and understand. I feel like I am back in Spanish in high school. Remember those days? Head cocked to the side, huge vacant expression on your face, and the feeling that your ears are going to fall off from all the foregin language being spoken and not a single person around to dechipher. I wish so badly I had someone in my life who did this and could teach me.

So the last week has been frustrating. I've ripped out stiches, thrown the ball across the room. I've sworn to never touch it again. Only to pick it right back up. I'm only using 1 stand of yarn so the hat is a LOT smaller then I was imagining in my head using the adult pattern. I think now that I've got an understnading of the pattern and directions that I will hit up JoAnn's this week and get some good yarn to remake this the right way. It's been an interesting experience that's for sure.

Now off to finish the ear flaps and trim on this thing.

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