The beginning of a new chapter

05 December 2009

A new year is about to begin and I think it's time to take the right steps that I need to make it a good one. I blog on LJ but I think I'll use this space for soemthing else. Maybe my projects? My daily usings? Not too sure yet.

I guess I should start with the characters of this life...

The Man: In my eyes the most gorgeous man in the solar system. He is 6 yr Veteran of the United States Navy, but decided to enlist in the U.S. Army.

'Tater: 11 going on 20 some days. Trying to find her steps in life and where her puzzle fits.

Lil t: 8yrs and giving me a run for my money. His smile lights up the room but he knows exactly what buttons to push and is a master at it.

Monkey: 3 yrs old and the most cuddly little guy in the world while being full on boy. Can't keep him nailed to the ground, always climbing and jumping.

Princess: 10 months and absolutely breathe takingly beautiful. Her beautiful blue eyes light up the world and her new learnings of her environment keep me on my toes.

Me: Going to be 30 in a couple weeks, have had a good amount of disappointments in life but yet continue to find the happiness in life.

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