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05 December 2009

Took the time to actually go over the cable bill. Friggen ridiculous all the little charges they hit you with. $5 for the interactive listing guide.  $15 for the DVR equipment. $6.95 for voicemail, $5 for private number, $5 for modem lease, I mean pretty soon they are going to charge you every time you change the channel or something.

It seems like years since I've seen our kids play and laugh with other kids. I couldn't be more thankful to the boys that moved down the street. Those 2 boys plus 'Tater and Lil t have been outside in the treehouse nonstop every single day. Today they are in the boys room playing swords, damsels, and dragons. The squeals, yells, and roars irritate me as I keep upping the volume on the tv but in the end I don't mind. I'm enjoying it.

Princess got a new pair of longies in the mail today. Well new to her really. They are supposed to be her Christmas present but they were soo stinkin' cute so I went ahead put them on her and will just wash, lanolize, and rewrap them before Christmas. *lol*

My favorite pair of pink yoga-ess pants have been out of commission for a year because SOMEONE lost the drawstring. Not sure why it took so long for me to figure it out but this afternoon I made a chain with some old yarn and restrung the pants. Score! Feel like I'm wearing new pants all over again.

I really should drop my nephew up and pick up Monkey but I'm too lazy. I love my inlaws but just don't understand why I drop off and pick up when we do sleep overs with my BIL and his wife. Drives me bonkers. But I do need milk so I guess that is a good enough reason as any to get my butt in hear.

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