Before the grind starts again

06 December 2009

FINALLY saw New Moon last night. The movie only confirmed my thoughts of how incredibly annoying Bella is, how ridiculous Edward is and how much I like Jacob and his pack. I wish there was a series of books based on them. That would be an interesting set. Starting with Sam's story. Anyways the movie just like the book irritated the hell out of me. The constant pining over Edward, the melodramatic nightmares, it just was too much for me. When I read the book I struggled through it. There were so many times I wanted to throw it out the window and never finish it.

Trying to create a new budget for the following year. Where oh where is the money tree? I have many surrounding our house but all they are good for is leaving leaves, pine cones and fallen branches everywhere. In the meantime the money just keeps disappearing faster and faster.

Dinner is thawing on the counter surrounded by dirty dishes. Waiting for the older ones to finally live up to their promises of doing their chores to get rewards. Never works though. Not sure what to make for dinner tonight. Something with ground turkey. Maybe a homemade chili mac doohickie. Scratch that. We ended up having chicken noodle soup with grilled ham and cheese sammies.

Everyone's bathed and ready for bed. I figured I'd be the nice mom for a change. Phineas and Ferb's Christmas special is on, it's only 15 min past their bed time no harm there.

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