Monday adventures

07 December 2009

Adventures with Monkey are never dull. Last night half way through a really crappy LMN movie I decieded I had to drag my ass to bed. Open my bedroom door to be greated by not my inviting comfortable bed but instead 3 loads of unfoded laundry. Instead of doing what a good housewife would do, I did the exact opposite. Pushed all in my arms and threw it on the couch. Kicked off my slippers, pulled the covers back to be greeted by a half eaten chocoloate cupcake 'Tater made the other day. Only one person in this house right now would sneak food when mom's not looking. Spent 10 minutes getting all the crumbs out before finally crawling in and being swept away to slumber land to meet The Man. Was almost there to meet him and then I felt the kick to the ribs. Monkey crawled into bed with me. Don't get me wrong I adore sleeping with him, we co-slept with him for 2 yrs but holy cow his kicking is horrible. After that we spent the next 4 hrs waking up, coughing, kicking, coughing, crying, wanting more water, repeat repeat repeat. Till he finally fell asleep as the sun started to crack through the darkness and the alarm went off.

Why is it whenever you want something you never can find it? I wanted a cup of coffee so bad but ended up having to use paper towels. I couldn't find the package of 30 filters that I left on the counter next to the coffee maker but yet 'Tater and Lil t have NO clue where they went or what I'm talking about. So did what any sleep deprived person who doesn't want to wake sleeping babies, pulled out the paper towel and crosses my fingers that it would work.

I need to get moving but I can't keep my eyes open. Have 11 days left to get this house in order before The Man comes home for a visit. Must get moving.

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