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11 January 2010

Awww Good Morning, Monday. I am not ready for you to come at all. I need a wheelbarrow to carry my tushie around with me right now.

Last night I decided to stay up till 11 to watch BIG LOVE, got the disc from NetFlix. Wouldn't ya know right as I was getting ready to turn it off and head to bed The Princess woke up. She was up for an hour playing, laughing and clapping. I wanted to tear my hair out. Finally put her back to bed, started to crawl into my very warm welcoming bed when my bedroom door shut and little pitter patter foot steps echooed in the house. From midnight to 0130 I spent chasing Monkey to bed, turning the tv back off, taking the video game controller away, putting back to bed, chasing away from the fridge. At some point after that I fell asleep from pure exhaustion when I was awoken by his fet kicking my ribs and boobs to move over. Normally I take him back to bed but I couldn't move, instead just rolled over and went back to sleep.

I finished my first knitting project, very simple washcloth. Not fully a square but it's pretty close. I'm attempting another pattern just for fun, after this one I'll go back to make another washcloth and see if I can fix the mistakes I made the first time. It's very relaxing at night to watch tv with no kids, turn the computer off and just knit while I veg. If I can make some "decent" items I might make a set for my mom for her birthday (in July) or Christmas. However long it takes me to get these techniques down.

Tried a new recipe last night, was super hesitant on it since the kids are becoming super picky lately. Slow Cooker Chicken Stroganoff, it went over really well though. They all had seconds and thirds and Monkey who hardly eats his food ate it all. I think the next time I make it I might try using a little less cream cheese, it was a tad too much.

This morning caught a wild hair, printed out some book recommendations and headed off to the library. We got their just as story time was starting. You could completely tell which kid was mine, Monkey refused to sit still for more than a second. He was constantly jumping around, doing ninja karate kicks, wanting to touch every animal on the felt board. Some days he’s just got too much energy for me. Debating on making this a habit, taking him every week; think it would do him some good and get us out of the house a little bit each week. We’ll see though. Princess wanted nothing to do with the stroller and cried almost the whole time. It wasn’t much fun searching for books with her in my arms. All in all we walked out with 9 books.

Afterwards hit up Jo-Ann’s to spend my gift card. Got some different types of wool to continue practice knitting. And now they are down for a nap while the laundry is calling me. Does that stuff ever stop

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