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10 January 2010

The other day I had an entire entry typed up, saved it in word and then the desktop that it was on was attacked by the NetSky virus. I've spent the last 3 days trying to tackle it. Unfortunatly to no avail. Every stupid suggestion gets me no further then where I started. Going to have to wait till payday to go buy a cheap thumb drive, download the latest suggestion off the laptop and then see if I can get it to upload on the desktop. I can't believe I have a virus. It's been well over 4 years since my computers have been hit with something. I have 2 suspects on who may have let it get there, Lil t' and Monkey but I can't prove it.

Was woken up this morning by Monkey crying his head off because he broke daddy's brand new Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 when trying to take it out of the case to play. Let's not forget that at 3 yrs old he was NOT supposed to playing the 360 without asking first or that I was asleep in my room when he choose to do this on his own.

Found a very easy knitting pattern to practice with. It's a washcloth, supposed to take a couple hours, it's taken me an entire week and I'm not even done. The kids keep ripping the stitches out every time I put it down to deal with something. Must remember to put it in a place they can't get to.

I've been in a post holiday funk this week. Had 2 huge crying breakdowns, 1 was on the kids. I didn't mean to. Just can't take the constant bickering between the two. As an only child I will NEVER understand why siblings can't get along. I swear they are oil and vinegar since birth. It's constant bickering, tattle telling, outdoing, it just never ever stops. They argue over who got less milk at dinner, who brushed their teeth better, who didn't use enough soap to wash dishes. They will even argue if the sky is blue or blue. I pray every day that 1. God will give me the strength to deal with it and 2. they will out grow it and enjoy each other's company.

3 kids and a dog are up, 1 is still sleeping but needs to start moving soon. Guess it's time to get her moving.

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