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21 January 2010

One thing I can always count on with being a mother is that when I feel the weight of the world starting to push down on my shoulders; the kids are there to make me laugh, give hugs, and tell me how wonderful I am. I spent the better half of yesterday hunched over the laptop, reading every piece of literature I can on Oregon custody laws, trying to find the right forms, hours, directions, you name it. A couple of times I even banged my head on the table on the verge of tears. It was during this moment my ears sensed the house was way too quiet. Got up to investigate, no one in the living room, my room, bathroom, boys room but were found in ‘Tater’s room. Monkey was snuggled into her papas an chair playing Halo and there was The Princess; in all her beautiful glory.


When Monkey was asked what she was doing he responded so proudly “My baby girl make herself purdy.” “yupp purdy baby girl”. It’s so hard to be made when
1. I shouldn’t have started search when she was still up
2. She’s so stinking cute.
3. Its Crayola, and thankfully they are pretty good at being really washable.
4. She colored on herself rather than the walls.

Got her all cleaned up, and in the process I let my stresses go for the day. Something will work out, it always does, until then just roll with the flow and find the laughter every day with the kids. There is one picture of her that came out so good I can't stop staring at it.

♥ ♥ A Muddy PAW ♥ ♥

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