Paula Deen’s Cookware review, don't need to chisel the food onto the plate.

29 January 2010


My last sets of pots that I had purchased were the very inexpensive ones I received for Valentine’s Day in 2005. They were horrible, handles became loose; well in fact 2 handles melted, they warped, and the coating inside of them flaked horribly. The last couple of years I had hinted to wanting to get another set but finances and emergencies seemed to take precedence over my luxury item. For Christmas I received Paula Deen’s Premium Cookware Set in the very pretty Aqua color. I honestly didn’t finish my presents because I was too excited, ripped the box open, washed and then dove right into Sausage and Biscuits for breakfast.


- I received the 10 piece set that included 1 Quart and the 2 Quart saucepans, a 4.5 Quart stock pot, 9 inch and an 10.5 inch skillets.

- Each of the saucepans and the stock pot came with their own glass lids that allow for you to watch the progress of your cooking.

- One feature that I love about this set is that they are oven safe up to 350˚F. That little perk is really nice when I make an item and the kids aren’t ready to eat I can use the oven to keep it warm without dirtying another dish.

- The handles are comfortable and allow for grip with no need to worry about slipping from your hands.

- Another detail I love about these is the heat distribution is FANTASTIC. I can heat up water in half the time then the older set I had. Makes cooking quick and simple.

Normally I keep my pots under the stove but with this set, I made room on my Baker's Rack to keep them out. Thanks to my husband for giving me this set, I am sure he has no clue what kind of monster he has created, but I now plan to start buying more of her items to restock my kitchen!

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w said...

aqua is pretty. also. i have that exact same john deere straw holder.

CaraBee said...

I ADORE Paula Deen. How much would you love to sit down in her kitchen? And those pots are spectacular! I love cookware. I've been thinking I needed some new pots and pans, your review might be the tipping point in favor of Paula's set.

Came by from Blogtrotting - have you signed up? We'd love to feature you!

parentingBYdummies said...

I am in serious need of some new cookware. I'm still using some of the hand-me-downs my mom gave me from back when I was a teenager in Germany. That was a LONG time ago. Anyway, thanks for sharing your thoughts on these they may be a good choice for me to persuade Hubby to by. Stopped by from have a very exciting life over here:)

Chelle said...

@W: When I originally saw the PD set I saw it in Red and fell in love with it. Then I saw they come in Olive Green and wanted that color scheme. Christmas comes, I receive the Aqua and even though I said in the store the Aqua was ugly, having them in the house my thoughts changed completely. I really do love the color and think the Olive Green would have been too much green in my John Deere kitchen.

@CaraBee: Oh who wouldn't love Paula Deen to come cook in their kitchen?! I had to give up watching her show for a while because I spent so much time drooling and then just pigging out. Wasn't helpful on my waist ban. And actually I am a follower, I love the whole premise of traveling in my pj's and on my couch!

@parenting: WOW and I thought t years was a long time. Hope you can find a set that will work for you and your family. Maybe it's me but it's frustrating trying to pick the right set, too heavy, too light, stainless steel, nonstick, glass, copper, oh the choices.

Sarah Ruth said...

SO pretty!!

Elizabeth said...

Um, sweetie, I gave you the pots for Christmas. Just setting the record straight. ;o)

Chelle said...

LOL You did? I thought he got 'em and you just picked them up? *scratches head*


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