She was ripping me from inside

27 January 2010

One year ago today a very small beautiful and very eager to enter the world Princess entered our lives. After the last couple of days of dealing with her being sick; I'm holding the tears back as I acknowledge my baby girl, is a year old. She weighs a whole whopping 16lbs, still fits in 9 month clothes, and still has her daddy's beautiful blue eyes. Here's her birth story.

♥ The Princess ♥
27 Jan 09 5 lbs 18.9 in. 0206

I had my midwife appointment at 1310 on Monday, January 26 to follow up on the inversion the Friday before. (Can I just say that actually hurt worse than labor itself) Nancy, my midwife stripped me since I was still at 3.5 cm dilated and even offered to set me up for induction for this week. I turned her down though and told her I wanted to wait it out and see how she does since I was only 38+3 days.

**1 day old being swallowed up by her car seat**

After my appointment I ran to Sears, picked up family pics, then stopped at a gas station and got gas. For some unknown reason I had let the truck get below the need fuel line and it was threatening to cut out on me. Yeah just great, a preggo stuck on the side of the road at the end of a work day with no gas. LOL Paid an arm and a leg for it too. Stopped at the Commy and grabbed some stuff for dinner then headed home. I was home by 3pm. Switched out the laundry, and then just hung out in The Man’s recliner while he made dinner, Potato Soup. It wasn't too bad as I remember. We watched the Unit's first disc and just hung out. Put the kids to bed at 2030 and then to bed at 9 ourselves. We cuddled, laughed like dorks and of course enjoyed the last couple days of sex that we could. Fell asleep around 2300.

**1 yrs old sick with a viral infection rash**

2330 I woke up to a couple contractions but went back to sleep. By 0000/0015 I was doubled over in our bed, on the verge of tears. I couldn't really see the clock to time them so I just got up, peed, and then went down stairs to get some ice water. I wasn't downstairs for more than 5 minutes before I was doubled over on the kitchen floor in pain. The sensible person I am, decided it was time to start packing our bags. LOL I spent about 15 minutes trying to get things together (please read curled into a ball on the floor in the living room) before I made it half way up the stairs and then yelled bloody murder for The Man. In the span of a couple minutes on the stairs, I had 3 MAJOR contractions that had me in tears and doubled over. He jolted out bed saying we're going.

I went upstairs, changed clothes, brushed my teeth the whole dang time I'm on the floor doubled over. This wasn’t like with Monkey where I could actually take a shower and shave before leaving the house. It hurt sooooo bad. Called my mom, she came over and got the kids in her car, we got in the truck (thank goodness I got gas earlier in the day), and headed out to the hospital. Looking back on it now, there was a reason why I let the truck get that low and HAD to put gas in it.

The Man started calling his mom when we hit the 8 West on ramp, maybe a little bit sooner. We got to the hospital, walked to L&D. They put me in the intake room, before they could hook me up to monitor me, the nurse checked me I was already 8 cm dilated. They quickly, well as quickly as they can move me to an actual delivery room. Now mind you this move took all of 5 minutes, including the stopping for me to throw up. I get into the bed, they check me while I'm BEGGING for the epidural and I'm already a full 10 cm. They hook me up, get my IV started, and I’m just begging for the epidural. I had one natural birth and that was 8 almost 9 years ago, funny how the mind fails to remember the specifics of certain events. I would say about 5 minutes later I was on my right side doubled up, gripping The Man's hand, screamed that I needed to push, actually screamed it 2xs. The first time the nurse blew me off because she was still tryign to get my information into the system. The second time, the nurse casually rolled me to my back, spread my legs and I could feel her head was already out. I didn't push or anything. She just popped out, did a somersault as The Man describes her grand entrance, and BAM there she is!!!

So from the time we pulled out of our driveway to the time she was born there was 39 minutes in between. THIRTY NINE MINUTES! She is my smallest baby by far!!! 5lbs 0.02ounces, 18.9 inches long. She was absolutely my smallest most ridiculously beautiful baby.

4 Voices:

Ms. Diva said...

Holy Moly! That is quite a story!! 39 minutes, I think, my longest labor was 36 hours!!!

Mrs P said...

WOOO WHAT A STORY!! Hope her sicky clears up, poor thing :( Happy birthday baby!!

Chelle said...

Thanks ladies. She was by far the shortest labor. But with each child the length of labor grew shorter.

Diva (in Demand) said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!


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