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03 January 2010

Last night was horrible. I cried a short time at the airport. The drive home was mindless. I just listened to cheesy 80's music and drove. Thankfully the kids all feel asleep as soon as we got back in the truck. When we got home though the kids turned right back into their boundry pushing heathen selves. I don't get why every time daddy leaves they constantly feel the urge to push their limits till I explode. Finally pushed them all to bed by 2100 because I just couldn't take it anymore. The clock kept ticking till I finally couldn't take the heavy lids at midnight. That's when the waterworks turned on. Monkey ended up crawling into bed with me as the sun was breaking the horizon.

This morning's better. The kids have all done some chores, no arguing, washers going. Dinner at the inlaws this afternoon, and then the kids go back to school tomorrow.

I need to make a dump run but honestly the idea of loading the trash up and doing the run alone makes me lazy. It'll get done just not as much fun as before. Although really how can a dump run be fun? Have to remember to send Netflix back.

Diapers are in the dryer. I love Sundays because its the day I use only prefolds on The Princess. Back to Basics day. Wish laundry was fun like it is when it's diaper day. Tomorrow I'll wash her wool. Still have yet to find the missing pair of longies I bought her back in November. I thought I wrapped them up but guess not. Just need to find them before she outgrows them.

For Christmas I received some knitting needles. I have spent the last 12 hrs trying to master this technique. Thinking I should just stick to crocheting. Although I am no where close to even an intermediate sticher when it comes to crocheting. *snicker* I bought Teach Yourself Visually Knitting for my Kindle. I have 7 days to decide if I like learning off my Kindle if not then I'll return it. I was really worried the pictures wouldn't be much use on it but surprisingly they are still really clear and easy to see.

Have an hour before loading the kids up and heading out. Have a great Sunday everyone.

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Julie said...

My oldest always has such a hard time for a few days when daddy has to leave. It really stinks :(

Your post makes me miss cloth...


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