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04 January 2010

My eyelids are being held up via toothpicks and duct tape. I stayed up too late watching Doomsday and texting with The Man. When I finally crawled into bed, The Princess woke up. Fed her, put her back to bed only to have Monkey come belly crawl into my room asking "mama oos awake". When I finally drifted to sleep sometime around 0040 they both woke up before 0500 and haven't shown a sign of tiredness yet. Coffee's brewing to assist the duct tape and toothpicks.

Why is kids just never listen to me? I told 'Tater to leave the house at 0640 to make it to the bus stop in time. She argued that she has never left before 0650. If that's the case then why at 0645 is she high tailing it down the drive and up the road to catch the bus? When will the kids learn, I know everything.

I HAVE to go take the rent check to the landlord. I really really dislike this guy. He is so beyond shaddy but it's becoming almost impossible to find a place that will suit our family size and dog.

It's been 2 hrs since I got up and I am still sitting on the couch watching Matlock reruns. I HAVE to get up and moving, would be nice if the sun felt the same way and would come up over the horizon. It's 0715 and still dark as heck outside. Makes it harder to want to do anything.

I really wish the Money Tree I planted would hurry up and bloom. It's been over 10 yrs since I planted it and still not even a penny has sprouted on it. I need indefinite paypal to buy cutesy homemade stuff. Not really need persay but would love to redo The Princess's cloth in Bagshot RowBamboo, Scuttlebutts, and Sticky Pea's NRSS. This week is fluffy mail wait. The Princess's custom longies should be arriving. They were mailed out on Friday. I can't wait. The picture the knitter sent me of the finished product was just absolutely beautiful.

While waiting for the sun to creep over and start my day, I'll make a task list:
- laundry
- put the mound of clean laundry away that's started in one corner of my dresser and has spread across and over the tv on it
- straighten up kids bathroom
- clean their toliet
- mop bathroom floor
- mail off the Netflix movies that were received in November 2009
- sweep the kitchen
- get all the trash ready for the dump in the back of the truck (nap time task)
- dinner
- vacuum
- practice more knitting

I'll start it out easy for the day.

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