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05 January 2010

Yesterday started out with good intentions. Unfortunately being scatterbrained got me nowhere fast. I was able to hit up the dump with kids and pay the rent, but my other goals of cleaning the bathroom and working on the laundry ended up no where fast while the kitchen island became more cluttered as I struggled to make room for the new printer.

I did find Handipoints for the kids to track their chores. We're going to offically put it into motion tomorrow if I can get all their sheets printed. I found Motivated Moms. I printed the first week and have yet to check anything off for yesterday by the time I finally sat down putting my feet up. Today I will struggle and will check at least one thing off. I hate not having checks.

The checklist is fairly simple. I actually like how she has broken the household tasks up into small jobs. I tried FlyLady one too many times and just became incredibly overwhelemed by that routine. I have hopes for MM but that will all depend on whether or not I can get my brain to stay focused on a task.

Today I start back in counseling. I really don't want to go because I hate starting new with someone. I LOVED my counselor in San Diego. She was absolutely fantastic. Trying to be open minded about the new one though. Not sure what I dislike more, getting comfortable with a new person or having to go over the past to bring them up to speed. A flow chart is what I need to go over the twists, turns, dead-ends, u-turns, of my life.

I'm sad to hear that DSC aka Dave, Shelly, and Chainsaw were taken off the air in my hometown San Diego. I grew up listening to them when they were on Rock 105.3 and then moved to 101.5. Seems like forever since I first listened to them. Made the migration to AJ's Playhouse, and then finally settled with Tony and Kris at New Country 95.7. But I always found myself tuning back to DSC to hear their antics and jokes. They were a part of San Diego media waves and they will be missed by many that's for sure.

And with that I must go start my day with a cup of coffee, printing my "flow chart" for the counselor, and getting Monkey dressed as he hides behind the couch watching Little Bill with his thumb in his mouth and pointer finger in his nose.

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