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04 February 2010

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Another first for our marriage is coming up on Valentine’s Day thanks to the Army, spending it apart. A part of me is sad at the thought of spending the day away from him, but then I just look through old pictures and smile. Our normal tradition is going to AMA Supercross, tailgating in the parking lot, and enjoy the races.

There is just something about spending the day being burnt to a crisp, feeling the sweat trickle down your back as you wait in line to get Chad Reeds or James Stewarts’ signatures, or the sounds of the engines on a dirt bike being revved higher and louder than an opponent. Oh the choices of Kawasaki, KTM, Honda, and Suzuki; which is the best? Of course you’ll always get a different opinion and from my experience, the winning vote always ends with what bike someone had since they were a kid. Outrageously out-priced beer, greasy event food, clumpy cold nacho cheese on stale chips. Ohh man I can just taste it when I close my eyes and think of it.

This year though will just be another day spent apart. The kids are making cards and while I should have made one too; I found the perfect Hallmark card that I could record a message in and would play Tim McGraw’s “My Best Friend”. We have had many ups and downs. We separated for 7 months in 2007 and a month in 2009, but in the end he is my best friend. He drives me insane sometimes. Almost to the point of wanting to pull my hair out, but that is why I love him. He knows me. He knows the good, bad and ugly and yet he still finds me to be attractive and doesn’t go a day making some kind of comment about how he got lucky landing me. I feel the same way about him, I never thought I would be so lucky to marry someone who still gives me butterflies, makes me weak in the knees and can make my laughter come out so naturally.

The kids always do the "I love you THIS much" with their arms spread out. A neat little craft idea came to mind for the The Man to see how much he is missed is to do Hand Hugs. It was super simple to do. I just traced each of the kids hands on construction paper and cut them out. Then I took some left over yarn and measured the arm span for each child, from right palm to left palm. The kids glued the ends of the yarn to the back of each hand.  The kids thought it was the greatest thing ever. I just have to remember to put them in the mail this weekend.

So on Valentine’s Day this year, when others will be spending the day in the arms of someone they love, I will be on the couch with the laptop 2,150 miles away text messaging, as we watch the opening day of the greatest sport EVER…

I am giddy like a school day for opening day. It won’t be the same to watch without his true commentary and us bickering over who’s the better driver that always results in pillows be thrown, a beer being spilt, and us temporarily giving up till next weekend. Looks like we will start a new tradition!

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MeCassieMarie said...
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MeCassieMarie said...

Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Returning the favor from The SITS girls.

My Dad is a mechanic so I do have a bit of a love for cars. :) NASCAR isn't really my thing. (I don't have the attention span for a race that long, lol) My brother and Dad watch it every Sunday and they are super STOKED for the Daytona 500! I hope you and your love have fun texting away about it! :)

Sarah said...

Despite being apart I hope you two have a wonderful day via internet. :) I can relate to you, my boyfriend of almost 7 years served in the military and I remember those holidays being apart.


The Girl Next Door Grows Up said...

Oh that's a bummer. You could always write him a love letter!

Lisa B. said...

Stopping by from the bloghop. I'm sorry you're apart this year. The hand hugs is the greatest idea I have heard for the kids to do for their absent military parent.

I posted a few ideas you could do and the one that seemed to be popular for couples apart last year is sending the dozen kisses.

Chelle said...

@ CassieMarie... I used to be the same way and honestly during the summer I find myself DVR'ing the race then fast forwarding through it at night. Honestly I watch it to see who's gonna throw Montoya into the wall. This year will be interesting since the drivers won't get fined for bumping.

@Sarah.. thanks for stopping by. As much as I would love him to get out I think he's a lifer. So another 14 more years of this to go.

@GirlNextDoor... Already done and in his card. Just have to remember to pick up stamps.

@Lissa...Good idea, I'll need to tweak it a little since he hates sweets. Hmm what to replace 'em with

Kat said...

I'm stopping by from the Bloghop too. I'm sorry that the Military is again going to cause you to be alone on Valentine's Day.

I can find even more sympathy since we are going through it too - only with my daughter. Young love is so cute - I can still say that - ask me next week if I still think it is cute.

Remember, when you find that one person that makes you complete, you grab on with both hands and never let go. Keep his heart safe and he will keep yours safe. And then together you are indestructable!

Cookinglady said...

Following you from Friday Follow

Sarah Beth said...

Sad that you won't be together, but I'm glad you still have long-distance plans! And I LOVE My Best Friend. I listened to it this morning, actually. I hope it's one of "our" songs eventually, whoever "we" are! lol.

melodyofamom said...

You are sooo beautiful!


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