Can you ever truly embrace being sleep deprived?

16 February 2010

Why do I bother to go to sleep early anymore? I haven’t gotten a full nights’ sleep uninterrupted in YEARS. YEARS I tell you! I’ve become accustomed to being a zombie in the morning, pumping my body full of artificial energy. And yet every morning I say last night was the worse. Really I think they all even out and not one is worse than the other though. Last night was another rough night. Went to bed around 1045 and for me that IS early, to be awoken at 0100 by Monkey who has now successfully figured out how to turn the TV on, the Xbox, and pick a movie from the Netflix list. Turned everything off, unplugged, and sent him to bed. 0245 my cell went ringing. The Man sending texts before he heads off to the field. As happy as I was to get them I couldn’t help but be a little bit annoyed that I was woken up yet again. Replied to him and rolled over, that is when my already sleepless night took a turn for the worse. 

The smell caught me off guard. Then I realized my shorts were wet. I laid there eye closed tight buried under my warm cozy blankets thinking “I don’t pee the bed anymore”. I took another big whiff and that’s when it hit me. I flew out of bed, caught my foot in the blanket and fell into the wall. Graceful I know. One of my cats was so considerate as to pee on my bed. Now you’re asking yourself “when did you change their litter?” aren’t you? It’s okay I asked myself that in my fit of rage while tearing the sheets off my bed and cussing. However I just changed it yesterday afternoon. They had a wonderful smelling fresh kitty litter, but yet CHOOSE to pee on my bed right behind my back as I laid clueless and asleep. I must have done something to piss them off, what it is I truly have no clue.

There I am at 0300 pulling sheets off, spraying my mattress with a vinegar solution and then with Bac-Out. I’m dosing my brand spanking new comforter with the sprays too. On the verge of tears because my only set of flannel sheets stink to high heaven, and that is when the phone rang. It’s so funny how when I’m having stressful moments, The Man calls or sends a text. I feel terrible for unloading on him when he was saying good bye for the week because they are heading out to the field for 2 weeks. He just listened, laughed at me at, and told me to go back to sleep. He’s never the stressor. NEVER. I on the other hand carry Mount Fiji on my shoulders at every single second of the day. If I am not then I am trying to find another mountain to carry.  My bed is a Hodge-Podge now. It has my brown fitted, ‘Tater’s Brats thin comforter, a Rugrats fleece lap blanket, the small fleece quilt I made The Man, and a Playboy Bunny fleece blanket. A trip the dry cleaner is in order.

You would think that was the end and I could go back to sleep? Nope not even close. Monkey woke up 2 more times trying to watch TV and wanting to shoot zombies. Yes, Yes I know my husband has created a monster by letting Monkey play video games with him. I’m trying desperately to break the desire to shoot zombies. And then it happened. My eyelids fell; I drifted off to slumber land and then BAM! The alarm went off. Oh how I just LOVE the alarm. I love it’s loud intruding piercing noise. How it could really give a rats ass about your sleepless night. The alarm is like the rude person on their cell phone at the restaurant, no matter how hard you try to ignore it, it only gets louder and LOUDER till you are consumed by it and forced to take action.  I really need to look into a legal divorce from that hunk of plastic. This is far from a healthy relationship, always taking and demanding and never giving. 

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Pam, mom, honey, said...

when DH is deployed he forgets his brain and only calls right after i go to sleep. the problem with me is that once i fall asleep if i am woke up i can not get back to sleep

Confessions From A Working Mom said...

To answer your question, NO, there's no such thing as going to sleep early or getting a full night's sleep anymore! Last night I went to "bed" at 9pm; didn't fall asleep til 11pm (my brain was racing), only to have the baby wake me up early! I live perpetually exhausted.

By the way, I think it's super sweet your hubs texted you before his mission.

Confessions From A Working Mom

Chelle said...

You would think after 11 years as being a mom I would give up the possibility of getting a full nights sleep. Sadly I keep hoping every night when my eyes flutter shut that that night will be the night. lol

Ms. Diva said...

I have been through the, "musthavepissedoffthecatagain" thing so many times!! I guess when one has four cats, someone is always pissed off!!! And I have a child whose ONLY job is to make sure the litter is clean at all times!!! I love it when they pee as you are sleeping ON THE FREAKIN bed!!!

Kelly said...

Is this what I have to look forward to?

Btw your blog was recommended at POM's Connect MEme Monday...I am your newest follower!

Chelle said...

@ Kelly oh it's only the beginning. Sometimes I am even more lucky and have Princess and Monkey waking up opposite of each other. Those are my absolute favorite nights. lol

I am heading over your way to check it out. Thank you.

日月神教-任我行 said...



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