Not Me! Monday

15 February 2010

I would NEVER let 3 girls who are already on a sugar high make brownies at 0130 in the morning only to satisfy my sweet tooth craving.

Yesterday was the start of the racing season. I know I know most people don’t understand or have the love for 4 left turns for 4 hours every weekend. It’s okay you are missing out but I won’t force it upon you. As a NASCAR fan I was reared and ready to go. So you could only imagine my frustrations when children’s voices kept drowning out the announcers voices. I did not turn the surround sound up 3 noches every time the little voices overshadowed the tv. No I would never willingly ignore my children.

As much as I love my Dale, Jr and Tim McGraw I would never come close yesterday to entertaining the thought of giving up my love for them all because of their beards. Nope I wouldn’t judge my love on something so superficial. That’s just shallow and I could never be that low at times.

I pride myself on taking care of things around here when The Man is gone. I can fix a hole in the wall, flush out the pipes, fix a leak, wrestle a 80lb dog to clip his nails, I can do it all. With that I would never in a million years while on the phone with my father in law ask him to take the trash to the curb for me because I didn’t want to haul that huge thing to the road.

After slaving away in the kitchen craning my neck to watch the tv so that I didn’t miss a single minute of the cars sitting on the track for an exceptionally long red flag, when my delicious meal that smelt and tasted wonderful was ready; I myself did not opt to not eat it and choose to sit outside on the steps with my father in law and talk while ignoring thee ever raising ruckus that was coming from the dining room.

I have really nappy out of control hair. If it's not relaxed every 3-4 months I look like Dina Ross who stuck a finger in a outlet. It's horrible. While in the midst of applying the horrid smelling stuff on my hair I did not fling it across the bathroom, out the door and all over the couch because I was doing the potty shuffle and slipped on the kids dirty clothes that I "forgot" to wash that day. I did not then demand that 'Tater clean up the mess and make no remarks to me about my actions. A wonderful mother would NEVER ignore fault on herself and would accept it graciously. Nope not me, shifting blame would never work in this house.

When I get mad and harp on the kids for leaving electronics on when they aren’t using them, I most certainly did not sleep with the tv on and the Christmas Lights on in my room. Yes I have Christmas lights still up in our room. I have absolutely no intentions of taking them down either.

Been telling the kids that we need to spend wisely, with that mind frame I did not sneak into Ross on Friday night while at the mall with the girls and buy 3 maxi dresses for myself. I would not spend freely on 3 dresses that it will NEVER get warm enough to wear here and I only purchased hoping that we will be moved by summer so I can wear them. I also did not spend Saturday having buyer’s remorse and had to have my daughter talk me into ripping the tags off to keep them. Not me the responsible one here.

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3 Voices:

Lisa said...

I did not laugh INSANELY at all the NASCAR comments. In our home Everything stops when the cars GO! Poor JR, someone needs to let the man know how homely all that fur on his face makes him. Tim McGraw I would think he is channeling some Haggard, but needs to go back to that beautiful clean shaven face.

Thanks for the laugh today I needed it.

Ms. Diva said...

I would never have slept all day and threatened any child that woke me up!! Hehehe!

Chelle said...

Lisa... I love Haggard but it did no justice on Tim. Completely agree, he needs to go back to a clean shave look. And loose that ridiculous jacket. lol

Oh what I wouldn't give to sleep all day Ms. Diva. I try and try but Princess fights me on it every time.


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