How the Nerf n Strike Recon CS-6 clothed my toddler

06 February 2010

Lately potty training has become horrible. Monkey soaks through his pull up at night no matter what time  cut him off of liquids or make him go before bed. He is having accidents during nap time, not making it to the bathroom in time, and peeing everywhere BUT the toilet. He was almost done with potty training, then Daddy came home on Exodus for Christmas; and now we’ve slipped backwards again.

The other day Monkey had a horrible day between his nonstop singing whining no tear song of how much he misses daddy, refusing to listen, and not making it to the bathroom; I finally stripped him of all his clothes to let him run around naked.

Oh boy what did I create? He spent all day running around, shaking his wiener with his hips and yelling “Shake Shake, Shake my wiener”. As funny as it was the first 5 minutes it quickly lost its humor. I tried to cloth him and he would strip again.  At one point after 6 long hours of listening to him sing his song, I made a threat that if it weren’t put away it could get cut off or hurt. He promptly responded with “No not my MAGIC wiener” and ran away again.

So what does a mother do with a 3 year old who is refusing to put his clothes back on, won’t stop saying he misses daddy, is shaking his wiener all over the place? I took Lil t’ new Nerf gun with red eye sight and shot my son as he went running through the living room again.

Yes I know violence is not the answer, but I was under siege by a “magic shaking wiener” and it NEEDED to get put into pajamas and go to sleep.

3 Voices:

Namaste_Heather said...

Happy Saturday SITS Girl! You were the comment before mine. You have a lovely blog and beautiful family. And POOR YOU with the potty training! I only have one child, M, and she is 9 so we are way past that. I do not envy you! Anyway, glad to connect. I'll be back! Take care.

Mommyof2girlz said...

LOL awesome post, sounds like my house only it's my daughter, soaking through everything. Then she strips, bends over sticking her bum out and proceeds to sing while shaking it.."naked booty, naked booty"! Gets me every time! Happy SITS Sharefest :)

Sarah Beth said...

Haha. So cute! I'm sure it was frustrating to you, but it makes for a great story for us!


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