There is a time to confess sometimes

07 February 2010

Yesterday was another day of nonstop rain. We were supposed to go to my in-laws for a mini late birthday party for Princess but that didn’t happen due to some turmoil over there. Hopefully they will work it out because my FIL (who is actually my step FIL) is huge in the eyes of The Man and the kids. They adore him and look up to him. I will just say prayers that they can both dislodge their stubbornness and make it work. It’s been a very rocky year for the two of them.

I have to confess. I. Love. Beer. I am not even a beer coinsure. I don’t like dark. I don’t like fruity ones. I don’t like bitter either. I am your average beer drinker. I have two favorite brands that I will NEVER leave. Budweiser is one. The second I get made fun for. It’s got a reputation of low class. It’s cheap but I enjoy it. Pabst Blue Ribbon is the other.

When it’s summer I enjoy popping a top off a ice cold beer, sitting outside soaking up the rays and enjoying the cold refreshing taste. I love BBQ’ing with my BIL’s and having a beer when the kids are climbing trees, the dirt bikes are racing around in the back of the property. I love sitting by the camp fire, kids running amuck, sun setting, mosquitoes out and biting, while I enjoy a beer. Beer + Summer = some of my favorite memories.  Then winter comes and I tend to lose the love. Not much but I can let a can sit in my fridge for weeks before I even think of indulging.

Last night after reaching the point where I came very close to eating my young, I put them to bed or banished them to their bedrooms. I then dug to the back of the fridge to find my last two cans standing there calling my name. I grabbed one, turned the surround sound up, powered up the Xbox 360, popped in my favorite game, and grabbed my pink wireless controller with headset. I threw myself onto the couch in the middle with my feet up and dived into 6 straight hours of Halo.

Yes I am a nerd. I love video games as much as I love cake. I love beer just as much. Put them together and I have a ‘mini-retreat’ from the kids. I am not ashamed to confess this either. Because if I didn’t indulge in this luxury, you would have seen me on the news this morning as a crazed mother who desperately needed a break from 4 children and never got one.

So I owe a HUGE thank you to Pabst, Halo, Xbox LIVE, and my gaming friends. 

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BrEZe said...

haha that sounds like my sister... i think its fine to indulge once in a while, but those people drinking need to work out their frustrations some other way..

personally, i can only drink mixed drinks... give me a sex on the beach, and i can down just about anything after that... but it normally only takes 2 or 3 drinks for me to get drunk.. cheap drunk? not really.. quick drunk? you betcha!

tickledpinktwice said...

PBR huh. That's a very popular beer here in Ohio. I'm not much into fancy beers either though I do like a good german one from our Hoffbrauhaus (spelling error I'm sure). I'm more of a Miller Lite girl.

I totally understand wanting to eat your young. I think (I guess hope) we all have those moments.

Never played Halo but we are quite the lovers of Band Hero with Guitar Hero 5 music. I'll be a drummer in my next life.

Stopping by via SITS...

Laura said...

I never really liked beer until I met my german husband, Now somehow it's grown on me! There's nothing like a hefewiezen at a biergarten in the summer!

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in from SITS! I'm not a beer girl--my weakness is sweets. Esp. warm cookies or pie....oh man.

Chelle said...

I love sweets but they seem to attract children in droves no matter how well I hide them.

German beer? I tried a brand once and it just wasn't my thing. I think beer is an acquired taste really. When I was younger I absolutely HATED beer.

Nothing wrong with being an expensive drunk. lol Better then being cheap and trashy.

日月神教-任我行 said...



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