My plates over flowing and I didn't even go to the buffet

25 March 2010

This whole move I’ve had it played it out in my head. It was to go smoothly, the house was to become this sparking clean palace where everything had a place and nothing got touched. Then I woke up and realized that it is almost next to impossible to keep this house perfect with 4 kids before the movers come. For example; my entertainment center keeps getting cleaned and yet upon waking up every morning this week it looks like everyone has just dropped their junk on it. The kitchen everyone’s supposed to use paper plates this week and yet there are dishes in the sink from last night waiting to be washed. Hmmm I hope these movers have seen worse when they get here. Because I am on the verge of crying, locking the door, hog tying the kids and bombing the place. It’s not messy, it’s just disorganized. And the disorganization is driving me batty since it doesn’t match up to the ideal image I had in my head. Secret though… my ideas are ALWAYS grander in my head then in real life. In my head I have obedient children who sit with their hands clasped, mouths shut, smiles on their face and respond “yes mother dear”. What? A mother can dream can’t she? lol

Tomorrow is the day. The movers will pack us up. We’ll be sleeping bag it for 4 nights and then hit the road. I will apologize now for the random sporadic posts starting with this one till we get to Kentucky. Another grand plan in my head was to do entries on the drive and post them as we go; but let’s be honest. If I’m already on the verge of shaving my head then head into hiding before I’ve even hit the road with the kids and pets; do you really think I am going to be sane enough to do entries?  Although, maybe it will keep me sane enough to not leave a kid behind and create a new Joe Dirt in the world.

I started typing this post about 4 hours ago. Since then I have completely forgot about it and now resemble a drown rat after loading the truck up for a dump run. In the process I received a lovely red note from the water company, my slumlord hasn’t paid the water bill so it’s being shut off tomorrow. The moving company called and they have decided upon themselves to pack and load up tomorrow rather then tomorrow and Monday. U-Haul called and informed me they don’t have 4x8” trailers even though I have a reservation for one, I am now having to drive 15 miles out to get the 6x12 on Saturday. I went from a small trailer to a flipping HUGE one. I still have to get AAA, oil change, 2 dump runs, clean the house, buy tie down straps for the dog crate, get the dog’s meds for the drive. GAAH!!!

Ohh and let’s not forget that the in-law drama has escalated to the point of my younger BIL and SIL plus my FIL are now camping out in the trailer next to my house. I won’t even touch that issue with a 10 foot pole.
I went from having 5 days at the beginning of this post to now 3 days.  BREATHE, that’s all I can keep reminding myself, just BREATHE. In the end I will look back on the chaos and laugh. 

I am going to apologize now if any posts for the next week are hit and miss and if I don't respond to comments. 

7 Voices:

Noel said...

My unsolicited suggestion:

You now have a bigger trailer. Put the kids in it for the drive so you can get some peace and quiet ;)

Drama that resulted in camping?! Did I miss something or did you not post it?

Juliana said...

Oh my, it sounds like you have A LOT going on. You have a very cute blog-and I love the design and everything!

I am now following you from MBC/FFF and I hope you will come by and follow back as well!

Jessica said...

Good luck with your move! And I love your new blog design. :)

Jenny said... can do it. one thing at a time. just think in a couple of weeks you will look back on this and laugh. drive safely and soak in this adventure with your kiddos...

Marcia and Joey said...

Just found your it!

We live in Ky! Welcome! (if you ever make it here!) ;)

Writing Without Periods! said...

Good moving days.

日月神教-任我行 said...



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