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30 March 2010

Greetings from the road!

Our departure from Oregon didn't go as planned and now I've got issues with the exhusband about the move BUT we are safe and in 21 hours have made it safely to Ogden, Utah.

I was hoping to be in Cheyenne tonight BUT Monkey's had diarrhea, Princess refuses to stay in her seat for more then 2 hrs, and i hate hauling a trailer so it's been frustrating just because I like to speed.

We've played road kill bingo. Sadly I keep winning since I'm driving and paying attention.

I hit Idaho and needed gas, so i sat at the pump with screaming kids for 15 minutes before I remembered that I have to go back to pumping my own gas. Felt like such an idiot for just sitting and holding up the pump line.

I have hauled stuff before bu have never backed anything up. I jacked knifed myself in a jack in the box parking lot and it took forever to get straight.

I have to be honest I have seriously thought about throwing myself from the truck at one point today the kids were bickering over which movie to watch in the truck. I mean seriously do we have to watch New Moon over and over and over again?

I have now gained a new appreciation for why slow moving vehicles that are hauling don't pull over. It is because it's a PITA to get the speed back up without either blowing your transmission or wasting your gas.

After all my worries I was under my weight limit for the movers. That really just irritates me because I could have had them take more. Lesson learned.

Another lesson learned... I don't care what anyone says I will take the advance for travel.

Now the pluses for the day...

Watching the gophers play on the side of the freeway.
The beautiful mountains covered in snow.
No rain today.
The truck didn't get broken into at the ghetto smelly hotel we stayed in on Sunday night.
Watching Princess play in the dog crate in the back of the truck hiding from the windstorm as I was blown over.

oh wow it's late. Going to try t sleep while the kids play in the motel room. I want to be up before the sun does tomorrow.

4 Voices:

Sarah Ruth said...

Travel safe! My prayers are with you!

CaneWife said...

Continued safe travels to you!

Ms. Diva said...

Have a safe trip!! Prayers for you and your kids!!! At least you don't have to listen to Barney over and over again!!! LOL!

sarah said...

It will be over soon! Be careful and good luck!!


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