It's nice to breathe the fresh air at the end of the tunnel

03 April 2010

After 4 days on the road, the kids, pets and I made it to Kentucky safe and sound in the arms of Dirt Diver (BTW changed his name from “The Man“ to “Dirt Diver“ if you have ever watched The Unit then ya‘ll know the code name. LOL). We had a lot of fun even though we couldn’t make the stops that I wanted to, but in the end we have a wonderful amount of memories and the best part was being able to show the kids that I could do it alone. Looking back at just last week the feelings I had were indescribable; panic attacks, tears, fears, feeling like the whole world was against me. But we pushed through, sitting at the end of the tunnel laughing at how ridiculous I was to assume the worse before we had even started.

There is still one piece of the puzzle that hasn’t fallen into place but only time will tell with the ex-husband what happens. After agreeing to the move, the day I was literally less then 75 miles from crossing into the Idaho border; he called and said he was calling the police against me for kidnapping our son. Sometimes I truly wonder if he has split personality disorder. Oh well, guess we’ll see if I land in the big house wearing that atrocious fluorescent orange with my hair in jail braids and those nasty plastic shower shoes that cause you to shuffle otherwise they fall off. I can just picture it now and can’t stop laughing at the image.

To be perfectly honest I have been here a full 2 days and I feel so incredibly out of place. Like I’m a visitor and will be returning home soon. I know the feeling will go away as time slips by. I also can’t get over how big this place is. I keep driving in circles cursing while the kids keep yelling “mom you missed the turn” or “mom right there right there MOOOOM” and I keep yelling “Be quiet before I kick you out”. I just keep hoping that the MP’s don’t roll past us with the windows during our spats. That would be awkward. 

It’s so incredibly different to see so much pride on a base err post. (Gotta remember this place is a Post) Everywhere I turn there is license plates, stickers, flags, decals of people supporting their spouses or their involvement in the Army. You see some of it on Navy/Marine Corps bases but it’s just different here. I wonder if it’s like this on every post or if because I’m not used to it, it just comes across as excessive. Time will tell.

We are currently in Temp Housing, and this place just has me laughing every time I walk in a room. I will take some pictures and show the super small sink in your gut bathroom. Or the blinds inside the windows. Or how bout the washer and dryer being right next to the sink? It’s okay though, I am very grateful that we can stay here rather then a hotel room on top of each other. We have a kitchen make dinners, everyone has a room, we have a yard for the dog, and the sun is shinning. 

I know it sounds far fetched but I swear I almost forgot how good the sun felt when it bakes on you, causing the sweat to start the beading process in the middle of your back. I almost forgot how much I adore wearing flip flops, shorts, and sunglasses. I miss Oregon but not even as close to the amount I have for the sun and heat. 

During our drive out, one thing made itself very clear to me and everyone laughs when I tell them. So feel free to snicker when you read it, I won’t be offended. I have never in my life lived on a farm or know how to be a farmer; BUT I want to own a farm. I want to raise cattles and the super smelly piggies. I want my closet neighbor a good 2 to 10 miles away. I want to sit on a veranda with Dirt Diver watching the cows graze, the grand kids laugh and enjoy our sweet tea. In the end I want to be a farmer. Funny huh? We have 13 more years to put this dream in motion.

I will be back in swing of regular posts starting with “Not Me! Monday”. How I have missed this weeks. 

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter filled with love and laughter. 

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Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with your ex? Why are exes so crazy? Seriously. I highly doubt you'll wind up in the big house in fluorescent orange (I hear they do shades of blue now), but if it happens I'd really like to see pictures :D

I'm glad you made it there safe and sound!

Expat Girl said...

I'm glad you all got there safely and I hope you settle in soon : )

Julie the Army Wife said...

Glad you made it safe :)

Hope your Ex doesn't cause you anymore issues. Gosh how frustrating!

I think I might like to live on a farm but only if the city was like 10 minutes away and I didn't have to do the farming

allissa said...

So glad you made it in one piece!! Hope you and the family have a wonderful Easter, together!

Darcie said...

Hey-I live in the country. We have horses, goats, a bottle calf, and we use to raise 4-H show pigs. It is a great life-except for the occasional stinkiness.

Follow your dreams!


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