Duct tape can be used for everything even mamas!

13 April 2010

Monday started out as any old day, ran over to the temp house to post my "Not Me! Monday" and the big HP laptop won't start up. I about died. In the last year, my Dell has died with the last 3 yrs worth of pictures, my external HD with the last 7 years of pictures, and now Dirt Diver's HP with the last years worth of pictures. I don't know whether to cry or scream at electronics. I still have a desktop unfortunately it has a virus that has locked me completely out of even booting up and Dirt Diver's mini laptop that drives me flippin' crazy.

Anyways I had a doctor's appointment to get a new prescription of the NuvaRing since my old doc back in Oregon never returned phone calls. The appointment comes and goes without a hitch, grab my ticket number and wait our turn. We get called up and I'm talking to the pharmacist. That's when it happened, in a blink of an eye Monkey disappears. I turn around to leave and he's gone. Panic sets in. Then a Soldier has the nerve to say Monkey went on the elevator. Hmmm excuse me assnugget?! You saw my kid get on the elevator ALONE and didn't say shit!? Found him on the second floor with a nurse. Panic is subsiding and anger is slowly sinking in until he looks at me and uses my own line on me... "Gonna duct tape you to the wall mama". At the moment my hair is on fire, my eyes are shooting darts, and the nurse says "oh isn't he the cutest".

Why is it when he acts out, runs away, or pulls these stupid pranks that people think he's cute and adorable rather then being a terror and causing me to die a early age. Just in the last 2 years since he's learned to walk and run I swear he's cut a good 5 years off my life. Monkey is far from a shy and timid little guy. He even had the nerve on the way out to the car as I'm telling him he's being a bad little boy to keep saying "gonna find the duct tape" and "duct tape mama to the wall". Pretty soon I won't be able to say a single thing to him cause he'll just use it against me and I'll be the one grounded in my room.

In other news, we still don't have our stuff, we still have no clue when it'll get here but I'm holding out on hope. The Army doesn't hate me THAT much to loose my stuff and force us to live without it for months on end.

Nevermind as I write this the internet has been hooked up and we are awaiting the movers to come and bring our stuff!

3 Voices:

sarah said...

Well good thing the movers got your stuff, and as for the little one taking off on you....I totally understand....my three year old thinks its hilarious to run from me........I think I might have a few grey hairs now.....

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh I loved this. I know it was a rough day but the things that come of of babies mouths make me ache even more for my own. Breathe!

♥ Mrs. S.

Jenny said...

you are too funny...what is up with that guy, just let a random kid get on an elevator??

glad that you are starting to get settled!


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