Kisses of death upon their faces

08 April 2010

‘Tater and Lil t’ started their new schools yesterday.  I’ve seen the kids nervous before yesterday takes the cake. ‘Tater who is normally 99% confident in herself and her sourroundings looked like she was going to pass out upon exiting the vehicle. Poor girl stood there clutching her planner and froze. I kinda gave her a shove and in the office we went. As we walked from her homeroom to the cafeteria to the gym where I finally abandoned her, her face grew paler and her body stiffened. As I left I tried to whisper ‘love ya’ but she was talking to some girl from the new class. I can only hope she makes friends quickly. I wanted to give her a big hug and kiss but I am willing to bet money that if I did, she would have thrown up on me as she passed out from humiliation. 

Lil t’ was rambucious today until he walked into his classroom and his teacher called out to him. He stopped dead in his tracks from Mr. Happy to Mr. Deer Caught in the Headlights. Poor kid, the whole class whipped their heads around and just stared at him. It’s 73 degrees and my poor boy was stuck wearing his black wranglers with his muddy hiking boots. He had to be dying is all I could think. Unfortunately when we left Oregon it was still in the 50’s and raining every other day so I made no attempt to try and get these kids summer clothes. It’ll be a couple months before I can get everyone switched over in clothing. I digress like normal. As I’m about to leave I ask him to step outside the classroom to remind him of what’s expected of him and I give him a kiss on the check. For the first time in I can remember he literally clawed his skin off were my lips had touched as if I left traces of acid on his perfectly pale as the moonlight cheek. I about died right there. He should treasure each and every kiss I plant on him. Sadly I think he will only despise my kisses as he gets older.

Now for the other exciting news…

Guess what that is! We picked the keys up yesterday. I love it. We will definitely be able to make the 3 bedrooms work for our family of 6. The bedrooms are fairly large; the walk in closet in the master is HUGE. The yard is going to be a decent size once we can afford for the company to come put a fence up. Sadly I won’t have a clothes line but once we are settled in finances I’ll go to Lowe’s and buy the supplies to make my own. Dirt Diver took lots of pictures for me since the first time we went I forgot the camera. I’ll share those in their own separate entry.

3 Voices:

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh the gloriousness of finding a new place to reside and make your own! Lovely! As for the kisses... I can only imagine the humiliation thrust upon your children bahaha.

Jenny said...

Just catching up that you made it there....glad that you have a house and are getting settled. I am sure you are happy that you are all in one place.
I can't imagine switching schools and being in a new area...but hopefully your kiddos adjust quickly!

Anonymous said...

Good luck to the kiddos making new friends and alimating to their new school. And have fun making your new house a home.:) Lots of work unpacking and all, but well worth it.


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