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22 April 2010

The past week I've been awarded not one but two beautiful awards. I was given an award back when I first started blogging publicly but had no clue how to do it "right", now I know to make sure to show my award with pride and love it like this fat mama loves cake.


First one the funny Sarah @ "No, Don't, and Stop!" was incredibly sweet and awarded "The Beautiful Blogger Award" to me.

Rules: List 7 things you's guys don't know about me and then reward new recipents with it.

1. I have a horrible candy addiction. I stash bags of candy around the house and then spend the day snacking without the kids noticing. Dirt Diver knows and thinks it's ridiculous that someone can love candy as much as me. Don't pay attention to him though considering he eats a piece a candy once a month IF that.

2. I drool over wool like a fat kid drools over cake. I wish I had the mad knitting skills a lot of amazing woman have. Instead my work is horrible and looks like a kindergartner half the time.

3. I almost NEVER follow through on projects. I start out good, see how bad my work is and then give up. I have so many unfinished crafts because of this.

4. I can talk myself out of anything under the sun. It's really quite annoying at times. Because I'd love to be frivolous an buy myself something completely useless.

5. I live off Headline News. My day is not complete without watching at least 2 hours in the morning. I don't care if it repeats itself every hour either.

6. As I type this I am going on 2 hours of sleep since I laid down at 2130 last night. Princess apparently didn't want to sleep but rather play instead.

7. I have a serious addiction to Monsters. I LOVE them. Not only do I love Monsters but I adore Monster Imports like a long lost love. I wish they weren't so much because I'd drink them like I was in the Sarraha dying of thirst.

* Lori @ Two boys & a Little Princess
* I'm stuck everyone has this award already. GAAH! So I'm going to do it different, if you haven't received this award yet then PLEASE grab it and let me know. 


When I received a comment from Jessica @ Improbable Housewife I figured it was one of the "regular" awards that have been floating around and then I saw what she gave me. I couldn't help but smile.

RULES: As a recipient of this award I'm supposed to tell you 10 thing about me and then share 10 blogs I'd give this award to. But I’m only going to do 5 because I’m running out of things to tell you about.

1. I went to bed the other night with dirty feet because I forgot to sweep the floors during the day. I didn't even put socks on to keep them from touching the sheets. Nasty I know but I was TIRED. I didn't feel an ounce of guilt either.

2. It took me a week and 4 hours plus MANY holes in the walls to figure out where I wanted to hang pictures. I am HORRIBLE at decorating.

3. I record new and old episodes of The People's Court. I have a sick and twisted obsession with that show.

4. I will paint my toenails, then leave the polish on till it's chipped compeltely off. I haven't had a pedicure since 2007. That's a lifetime to me considering I used to get them every week to change the polish to go with my outfits for work. Sandal FAIL.

5. As I get older I wish I had OCD when it came to organization and cleanliness. My house is not nasty or dirty. It's 'lived' in. Unfortunately it's not how I want it but I can't get it where I want. Once a room is spotless, I feel out of whack.

* Doc’s Girl aka Noel @ Issued to a Soldier
* Sara Beth @ In Her Shoes
* Hellcat Betty @ Hellcat Betty


Mrs. S from Simply Steele was gracious enough to award this award to me. Rules: List 10 things that I love and pass on. I’m only going to do 5 people and if that’s breaking the rules then so be it. I’m a felon I know.

1. I love all my children unconditionally no matter how many grey hairs they produce, no matter how many times I have to repeat myself, no matter how many arguments and fights they break out into. I love them.

2. I love Dirt Diver more then the air I breathe. We’ve been through some very trying times in our course of marriage but with everything that has happened I have never once envisioned or wanted anyone else in the world to be in my life.

3. I know you all know this but I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate. They are the greatest combination in life. Without them I’d be in a ball in the corner of a room rocking back and forth.

4. I won’t lie, I love beer. I love the taste, the memories I have with it (well most of them LOL). I don’t like it fancy or dark either. I prefer Pabst Blue Ribbon and Budweiser. I prefer them in the back of the fridge on the verge of icing up. I especially love my beer with potato salad and brats.

5. I love sitting outside in the sun, soaking up the rays and listening to the laughter of our kids. I love the memories of summer being outside and laughing.

6. I love to laugh. Laughter is addictive even when I’m upset I can’t hide from it. Could you imagine life without it?

7. I am madly in love my new truck even though it’s sitting and collecting dust till I can get it registered. I can’t wait to drive it again. Having space for all the kids is amazing. It’s been FOREVER since we’ve had room for our big family.

8. I will always love San Diego. It’s my stomping grounds. It’s where all my childhood memories are. But I do not ever ever EVER want to go back there again. NEVER.

9. I love taking pictures. I am not the best nor do I even pretend to be a photographer but I just love snapping pictures of the kids. Although I NEVER print them and now the last 6 years have been lost on failed hard drives and crashed computers. L

10. I love music, most specifically Country but I will take anything with a good beat and great lyrics. I try to steer clear of rap and hip-hop but I won’t turn my back on it for good. I just get these annoying headaches if I listen to it too much. Right now though I’m on a Bluegrass Country kick for the past 3 months. Thank goodness for SIRUIS radio in the truck or else I’d be dying.

* Kelly Marie @ Confessions of a Law School Dropout
* Expat Girl @ The Sand is Different Here

Okay I completely fail in awarding. Seriously. Lack of sleep and a slow computer is making me mad. I guess another thing about me... I have NO patience at all.

5 Voices:

Jenny said...

Wow...lots of awards...great!
I like you am a candy lover...i stash it around the house too! My mom used to do i think i get it from her.

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I love candy too! So glad I'm not the only one. I don't have the honest scrap award but I don't know if I'm worthy enough to receive it :)

♥ Mrs. S.

Jeanette Huston said...

Following you from MBC!

Jeanette Huston

sarah said...

You deserve them!!! :)

Aislinn said...

I LOVE Monsters as well . my favorite is Lo-Carb ones. I have to have one a day!! I go through withdrawls if I don't Good job on the awards. I haven't got one yet, but I have been doing this only a month!!


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