Thank goodness pillows can take the punches

15 April 2010

It's never a full day until something happens bringing me to the verge of tears while standing in public. Yesterday was just a busy day. Dish Network came and took forever to hook up all 4 rooms. Not his fault in the least, more the old house's fault. Poor guy spent almost 3 hours with Monkey following him asking him the ever infamous "why" question to everything. Then we had maintenance come and fix the toilet yet again. We've been here 7 days and I've had to have the master toilet fixed almost every single day including a midnight emergency call. As he was here I was bitching to my neighbor about having to venture out in town to find Home Depot (there's a Lowe's too but I prefer the HD) for a dryer cord; the guy goes out to his truck and comes back handing me the 4 prong power cord that I need. I about hugged the guy; he saved me $25. We still ventured out because of course we didn't have the tools.

On the way back to Post at a red light Monkey sees a Harley next to us. OMG I was drooling at the bike, Harley's in general make me giddy, I can't wait till we can own one. There we are windows down and Monkey's in the back seat yelling "hey guy hey guy I love your bike. Give it to me please?" The guy on the Harley couldn't stop laughing and just told Monkey to make sure his first ride is a Harley. They chatted while the light took forever, honestly the light took so long you could have made an omelet.

Pick up the older kids and that's when I felt myself crash as the older kids bickering eating away at what was left of my patience (do they EVER get along?). Princess is cranky and Monkey is whinny. We run to the commissary to grab dinner and that is when we all fell apart at the check-out. Yes I became THAT parent. Ya know the ones you see at the store where her kids are running circles around her and you are thinking to yourself "She needs to give those kids a firm spanking" or "Holy CRAP if my kids acted like that I would never let them leave the house". There I stood at the self check out, Princess in my arms crying, Monkey's trying to climb up my leg and onto the check stand, Lil t' keeps leaning on the checkout after I repeatedly tell him to get off so I can scan my crap, and 'Tater is rambling and rambling to the point my ear was hanging on by a single tendon.

And that is when it happened.

I went to scan a bag of taco seasoned rice right as Princess grabbed it and it ripped in half. Rice and seasoning flew up, Princess broke into a scream and there I was holding back tears as I realized that I now smelt like a taco and had rice in my hair, down my shirt while Lil t' burst out into laugh, and Monkey is running in circles yelling "Me Robot Me Robot!".

I managed to get checked out, everyone in the car and home in one piece. Got everyone out, grabbed a Budweiser, went into my room, closed the door, took a swig and then yelled as loud as I could into my pillow while letting the tears fall.

The rest of the night went kinda smoothly if you don't count the temper tantrum I had trying to switch out the dryer's power cord or that I brunt one pound of ground turkey while making dinner, or that upon going to bed I walked straight into a wall when I turned the hallway light off, falling to my tush.

5 Voices:

CaneWife said...

Those days are the worst.

Today will be better.

Ms. Diva said...

Oh I am so sorry!!! I just want to hug you!!! I hope today is better for you!!!

Jenny said...

sounds awful girl...hopefully today will be a better day and everyones moods will be in check...

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Oh my love! I am so sorry. I cannot even tell you how many times a day i scream in my pillow or cry in my room and I don't even have kiddies. You are a saint.

♥ Mrs. S.

Cheryl said...

I hate those 'I've become THAT mom' moments. I think if you realize you're having one of those moments you really aren't THAT mom. Hang in there.


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