Another gone by that my baby isn't a baby

25 May 2010

We’ve got a birthday boy in the Hooah Household today! 
Lil t' turned 9 this morning, well if you wanna be technical he doesn't turn 9 till 12something this afternoon.

I’ve got a ton to do today so this will be short, sweet and a couple pictures…

Onslow Beach when he was only a couple days old. Since then he’s LOVED the water but still refuses to learn to swim. Instead he prefers to hold on to the edge whining that no one will stay there with him. Even after 3 summers of swim lessons. LOL Poor kid, I’m pretty sure the minute a girl he likes is swimming he’ll be off the side in a heart beat.

Don’t hate because he’s a cute teddy bear! ROFL

And then sadly there are 4 years of missing pictures. My ex-husband has them and refuses to give me any copies of those years. I missed so much during that time. But here he is after he was gone in Ohio for a while. April 2005

The first time he met Dirt Diver. O.M.Gee look how friggen young Dirt Diver was there?! And Lil t' with his chubby cheeks! *melts*

His 8th birthday after we had moved to Oregon and settled, it was hilarious watching him trying to shoot.

I have SOOOO many pictures since I was given full custody in 2008 but I’m not going to bore you all. So here he was this past Saturday at 8 years and 362 days old needing a hair cut badly, he’s looking like a q-tip.

I think I might do something special on Friday in the event that it’s his birthday and sadly he’ll be leaving on Thursday for his dad’s for 2 months, so keep a look out for that post!

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Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Awe this is such a sweet post. Want me to kick your ex's ass for you? I can get those pics I just can't promise my methods would be legal.


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