Wordless Wednesday

26 May 2010

This year alone I haven't taken very many pictures of Dirt Diver and myself. We used to take pictures almost every week together. This year I think we have MAYBE 2 pictures since I moved here 2 months ago. This is one of the 2 from this past weekend and I love it!

Science night at Lil t's school last week or the week before. (Honestly I can't keep track of days) Anyways we made an egg drop and of COURSE our egg didn't break. No really it didn't!

Lil t' made a food car out of celery, marshmallows, Oreo's. He got the longest distance out of his car too. Good thing he listened to me when he wanted to use a carrot and I said "but celery weighs less since it has no calories"! *snickersnort* Yes I did say that too.

Jim Bean Factory. I love this shot. He is ALWAYS carrying Princess that way since all she does is wiggle and squirm trying to climb down.

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5 Voices:

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I loooove pictures!!!

Miss E said...

How didn't the egg break? That's crazy! I love your pictures!!

Doc's Girl (Noel) said...

I love pictures! I'm so happy you finally posted one of you guys :)

Jenny said...

The picture of you two is wonderful! I love your dress!

Sarah Beth said...

Such cute pictures! You look so pretty in that first pic, and I love the one of your hubby and daughter -adorable!


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