Saying goodbye is never easy

27 May 2010

Today marks the kids first day of summer and we are gearing up to say good-bye to Lil t’ till July. I am trying to hold it together, this should be routine for me but it never it is. It’s always like saying good bye for a deployment. Since the communication with my ex-husband is sparse, hurtful, and demanding on his end; I fear every time I put Lil t’ on a plane that he won’t be coming back. I just keep praying that one of these times it will get better and the pain will be less then the last time he left, sadly it never does.

On the flip side I am actually excited because we have to drive to Lexington to get to the airport and that means exploring more of Kentucky! Oh and can’t forget that I will actually be able to speed!!! *jumps4joydanceslikeachicken* Ever since I moved here, I’ve been forced to go the super slow speed of 15 and 35 MPH, it is a BUZZ KILLER! When I get behind the wheel I insist on all windows down, a good country or metal song playing loud with us singing along and I LOVE absolutely LOVE the feel of a gnarly engine growl as we speed along.

I was going to write something but then the cat tried to attack the dog while slipping on our sleeping bag comforter since ours at the dry cleaners and I couldn’t help but laugh as the cat is slipping TOWARDS the dog that is trying to back away because no matter how big he is, he still can get his ass kicked by a cat. And that was a really LONG run on sentence but I refuse to change it.

Oh there’s a bar down the way, it’s not exactly close since we live in a dry county but they are hiring for waitresses. I used to bartend and be a shooter girl at a place when I lived at Camp Lejeune, NC. I miss it a LOT. It would be just a part time position to bring in more money besides my daycare but Dirt Diver just won’t jump on board with this idea. I keep teasing him it’s because he doesn’t want me swept away by another Soldier, he’s keeping me locked up from the public! *snicker*

In other news, I’m having a really good boobie day. Like flippin’ fantastic. They look amazing in my Wal-Mart strapless with this cute teal blue thingie shirt. I absolutely LOVE these days, since most are not this great. To be perfectly honest after all the kids and how big they have stretched during each pregnancy and deflated, there is just no justice with the gravity issue.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday; may it be filled with smiles and laughter!

4 Voices:

Julie the Army Wife said...

I am sure it would be hard to let him go. *hugs*

I LOVE Lexington. We use to live there and it is a great city. It has everything you need with a small town feel. Love it!

Miss E said...

Being able to finally drive at a *normal* speed will be so amazing! I could not live driving that slow all the time. I am sorry about the reasoning of being able to drive that fast, but he will be home soon. I hope it gets easier for you

Kara said...

I shipped my little man off last week. He is 4 and way to small for this. At least I don't have to worry him flying just yet. I just think he is too small to be gone the whole summer! That's my baby!

Jen said...

I can only imagine how hard it is to let your little one go. Hopefully the time flies by for you.


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