Kick up your heels for it's our first giveaway!

28 May 2010

To kick off summer vacation I decided to do something different today. I’m going to host my first giveaway! I have been wanting to for a while now but didn’t know what to give, and then it hit me the other day when I walked past my baker’s rack. My all time favorite scent in the world is Hazelnutt Coffee BUT Yankee Candle stop producing it a couple years ago and since then I have been on the hunt for a new scent. Mother’s Day 2010, I stumbled across a new scent that I have adored and have been smelling the house up with it since. There’s a little store out in town called The Red Brick Cottage. When you walk in, you are ENGOLFED in primitive country décor. I literally could buy the entire store, sell a couple kids to fund the shopping trip and not think twice. That’s how much I love being in there.

While in there, I stumbled across a candle display from 1803 Candles. Of course any time I pass candles I have to stop and smell every single one of them twice to find “THE” scent. And that my dears is where I found Southern Welcome, a wonderful scent of Marmalade Bundt Cake. It just tickles my fancy and I could smell it all day long and then some.

Best of all 1803 Candles are SOY! I absolutely love soy since they burn clean without all that nasty black soot everywhere when I’m too lazy to trim my wicks, they are non-toxic, and best of all biodegradable! 

And that my lovelies, leads us to this post now, offering a giveaway! You can have the choice of 3 melters or 1 jar any scent of your choice (but I HIGHLY suggest Southern Welcome *teehee*)

So here are the rules…

  1. Tell me what your favorite candle/scent/holder is and why = +1 entry
  2.  You must be a follower & leave a comment= +1 entry
  3. Follow me on Twitter & leave a comment= +1 entry
  4. Tweet about the give away (Pls use @amuddypaw in your tweets) & leave a comment = +1 entry per tweet
  5. Blog about the giveaway & leave a link w/ comment = +2 enteries

Winner will be announced on 03 June 2010! Have fun ladies and good luck.

And just for anyone who's curious, I am doing this giveaway all out of my own backpocket since I HATE purses and wallets. *snicker*

6 Voices:

Sarah Beth said...

I'm not entering b/c although I love the smell of candles, I never remember to burn them. But, I just wanted to say that coffee and food smells are my favorite, too! We have very similar scent-tastes. :)

Marcia said...

I LUUUVVVV Hot Maple Toddy by Goose Creek. Would love to try your new scent though!

Marcia said...

Been following you for months now.

Marcia said...

Left a post about it on my blog

Aislinn said...

Well, my favorite scent of all time is Buttercream by Yankee Candle, I used to have a lot of it but moving over to Germany I have used them all up! Oh well.

Aislinn said...

I am a loyal follower too


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