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23 May 2010

Woohoo I got up early enough today before the kids started to climb on me to participate! I've missed MannLand5's Getting to know you meme! Take a chance and moosey on over to her little world to participate!

  1. Do you have a fetish?

Teehee wouldn’t you just love to know this answer?! I’m sure it would skeeve some out while others would be right on board., but I’m not going that route today, going to keep it clean for Sunday. So yes I have this absolutely weird fetish, love affair with chocolate and peanut butter. My heart skips a beat, I salivate at the thought. I would sell my kids for a fix of it.
  1. Do you sing in the shower?

Oh you betchya! I hold daily concerts. I have thought about charging admission unfortunately even though we have space for some, there would still be so many people left outside, missing the show and as much as I’d love to keep performing I can’t spend my life in the shower. I’d loose my sexiness by the raisin old lady wrinkle that comes with being in there too long.

3. Who was your first crush?

Anthony Hadnot back in San Diego. We had classes kindergarten through 4th grade together but then I moved away to Poway and never saw him again. He was the only boy that was as tall as me if not taller. I hated that back then I towered over everyone including most of the boys.

  1. What do you think is the best manly trait a guy could have?

Hmmm there are so many. Okay I think it’s very important for a guy to be able to develop a well rounded semi hard beer belly. That’s an manly trait. Or How bout being able to loose all the hair ON TOP of their head while growing it long in the back! I think being able to keep all your teeth as you get older is a decent manly quality as well.

Oh, what? I’m sorry. I didn’t know those weren’t sought after traits! *snicker*

For me it would have to be able to work on a truck. If you can’t fix my shit without me having to pay a arm, leg, and 2 kids to get it fixed then *pssh* you’ve just become an expendable pawn in my game of life.
5. Do you sleep naked?

When Dirt Diver is home, every single night. When it’s just the kids and I, nope always wear his boxer briefs with a wife beater. I hate feeling like I’m being strangled while I’m sleeping. One night I had a title fight with my sweatpants and sheets. Sadly I lost, was tossed out of bed, and my legs were tied up in the sheets. It was horrible and no one was there in the dead of night to rescue me or see that I had tapped out in a coward’s attempt to save my life.

6. What do you do when (you think) no one is looking?

Pick my nose. *snicker* no not full fledge digging for gold so I can get my vegetable intake for the day. That’s groody. But ya know when your nose is bugging and you can just feel one right there at the end of your nose; of course there isn’t anything around to assist you with. One time I tried using just a sheet of paper in the truck and it was horrible. I’d much rather get caught trying to do the itch with the top of my index finger while really trying to loosen that thing to get rid of it otherwise I become obsessed with it and then this little thing has become the huge marshmallow man sitting in my nose taunting me.

7. What's the first thing you do when you go online?

Check my facebook. I have no life. I “cyberstalk” my friends updates just to see what they are doing or did. Then I think to myself “geesh do you REALLY have to force that your husband is oh so great, when all the world KNOWS he’s really not and we all KNOW that you kicked him out the other day” and then I go about my day.

8. Summer is.....?

A necessity!! Without it life would cease to exist. I would die, wither up, turn to ashes and blow away. There is no doubt about it, if I didn’t have summer with sun and heat; I would become an albino living in Antarctica.

4 Voices:

SaSx3 said...

Following you :) Be sure to stop by and check out my giveaway!!

Beth McC. said...

Love all your answers, I am right there with on number 8! Your blog is too cute!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

Girl you KILL me!!

Anonymous said...

Here following you from the MannLand5's blog hop. Hope you'll come visit my blog and follow me too? Thanks. Great sense of humor and writing style. I'm going to like it around here. Smiles


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