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08 June 2010

Don’t you just LOVE it when you wake up from getting to sleep in an extra 40 minutes but it leaves you feeling “off”? I swear just those measly little 40 minutes had me rushing around. This morning we almost missed the free FCC day at the water park on post. In my race of rushing around the house, I slammed my right knee into a chair. Oh the pain that shot through was kind of like when you’re at the doctor’s and they hit you with that stupid orange thing to check your reflexes, but a million times harder. I straight dropped to the floor, spilling laundry every where, and just sobbed like a lost case in the welfare office (and that is not an insult since I have once been that lost case, lol). Then as I’m getting ready to go, Princess bit my thigh! Seriously? She’s never bit me and today she just tried to take a chunk out of me. Kid was ridiculous. But we made it to the water park, late like always and had a blast.

I would just like admit that since I have had kids, I do not run on other’s schedules, everyone runs on mine. I can’t get ANY WHERE on time to save the life of a drowning puppy. I try so incredibly much but it NEVER fails, I’m constantly running back in the house because I forgot something, or can’t find something else. On any given trip, I make at LEAST 6 trips back in the house because it’s been forgotten.

This brings me to another problem I have right now. I took my credit card out of my wallet last Thursday to pay for our fence. I called and the lady didn’t have our invoice yet and didn’t know what the charges were, okay no biggie. Now a normal person who is dull and likes life to be predictable, would put her card back in the wallet, but I ladies, did the exact opposite! I left it out on the desk! I dared fate and fate laughed her ass off at me as my card disappeared. This is not the first time I’ve lost it. This is actually probably around the 8th time since I moved to Kentucky in April that I’ve “misplaced” my card. And of course I’m too stubborn to call USAA to order a new one. I have a belief, the minute I order a new one, the minute the old will show up. So instead I create more work for myself as I need to purchase things, I add them up, hop on my cell, and as the total is ringing up I transfer money from the joint account to my account. I never lose the card to my account for some reason.

And yes I am 100% honest with my husband about my silly misplacing. I would NEVER sneak his card out of his wallet sometimes when he doesn’t go shopping with me, so I don’t even have to bother with transferring money back and forth.  I do not create distractions so he won’t see me looking for his wallet and trying to sneak his card back in its proper home. I would never keep this a secret so I don’t have to deal with his little tirades of how he’s married to a lady who can not for the life of her or family, remember anything nor put things back in their proper place.

I am now desperately cleaning our bedroom in hopes of finding this card before Dirt Diver does, because I refuse for him to have another tally mark next to this battle of ours.

4 Voices:

Just Jenn said...

I do that often and somehow always find it in the back pocket of what ever jeans I was wearing on that day.

Maybe Dirt Driver has already found it and is hiding it to make you squirm. :)

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your knee! :(

Blessing said...

I sure hope you find it! I have misplaced a lot of my husband's bank cards, I can't even begin to count. He says I lost my brain to my daughter during childbirth, and I dont doubt that. I hope that u find it honey!

Or he probably did

Maranda said...

Hi! I found your blog through HH6Diva's data base thing.

I just wanted to say hi and tell you not to feel too bad about your crazy, hectic, rushing around day today. I had that day yesterday. Mine was complete with slicing my finger open and walking out of my house covered in frosting. I hope tomorrow goes a little better for you!


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