Not Me! Monday

07 June 2010

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Anyone here?

Another Monday and FINALLY I’m feeling better. After food poisoning, then dealing with some other personal health issues, then a migraine that 2 days of Midrin wouldn’t fix, and throwing a last minute birthday party for one of the guys in the shop, I think I’m back to myself. Well whatever myself really is anymore.

Let’s get busy shall we?

I did not completely FORGET about my giveaway, nor picking a winner, NOR emailing the winner. My mind did not get completely over ran with everything else letting this ball fall in the crevice of insanity. LOL Marcia,A Grace-full Life , I will email you in just a minute!

I also did not go an entire week without reading a single blog. I would never look at that 500+ new post notifications on my reader with detest and contemplate hitting “mark all read”.

Of course, I didn't take Midrin the other day, lay on my bed and feel my tongue grow 10xs its normal size, I did not lay there continually poking my arms just because the tingles felt different in different spots. I did not send random text messages to my friend and husband that I honestly had no clue I sent. I do not get the side effects of a meth addict sprawled out on her bed, jabbering away to herself for an hour till they go away leaving me to drink more water then the entire state of Kentucky has to offer.

You would not have found me having a tiny little very very minisol breakdown after Thursday after inspections, swearing that I was done trying to get licensed for daycare and pout the whole day. I did not feel guilty spending the rest of the day lying on the couch with Monkey and Princess while watching mindless boring television.

Friday evening I was not told that we’re hosting a birthday party for one of the guys in the shop on Saturday. Hmmm, great notice there buddy! In order to prep for said party I did not throw all dirty laundry in black trash bags and hide them in our walk in closet. I did not randomly spray Febreeze through the house to ride the place of the “sick old lady” smell it was getting since I couldn’t open the windows thanks to the friggen 93% humidity we’ve had all friggen week. Nope I would actually bust out the bleach and Pine Sol and scrub on a Saturday morning when it was already topped out at 89 degrees. I’m not that lazy.

I did not think I was well enough to man the grill while drinking Mudslides and PBR. I did not forget to eat while cooking 30 hot dogs, 20 brats, 20 BBQ wings and 3 chicken breasts. I did not forget that I was in 93% humidity by a grill maxing out at around 400 degrees and not drink water. I did not have to make friends with the shower mid grilling session because I was not 100% well again.

Side note, I really need to let go of my superiority complex that I am the ONLY one who can handle situations and there fore do not need to take a easy when I am still sick. *bawwwaha* That’s hilarious! Like that will EVER happen in my life time.

As I’m typing this up, I am not ignoring the whines from a beautiful Princess as she is stuck in the tub with no water and her stuffie because she’s learned to climb in. I would never view that as a temporarily safe “playpen” for 5 minutes to finish this post so I could get it published without worrying about her sticking her hands in the toilet.

What did you not do lately?

4 Voices:

Just Jenn said...

You also did not make me laugh at work so loudly that two people glanced over in my direction. Nope, nope, you did not! :)

Blessing said...

This Meme is hilarious. I just dont have the energy to sit down and construct something. But no, I did not stalk the mailman all week last week. Definitely not me!

Marcia said...

Yay! Thanks!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I didn't just laugh out loud at your Midrin moments. Geeze I love you.


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